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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Over 60,000 People Every Year Get Adult Stem Cell Treatments, Embryonic Cells Help No One

By David Prentice, Ph.D
Life News

We are now just a little more than two weeks away from Christmas when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus and reflected on the wonder of God taking on the form of a human being, especially starting as a newborn baby born under humble circumstances.

But that human being didn’t start his earthly form at birth, but rather nine months earlier, as an embryo.

King David expresses it as “unformed substance” in verse 16 of Psalm 139, an apt description of our early embryonic morphology. The biological truth is that the existence of every new human organism did indeed begin at the formation of that first new organismal cell, the zygote, the combination of the egg and sperm. The lack of recognizable human structures, the unformed substance of our earliest existence, does not invalidate the humanity of our earliest stages of life.
Strange then that early human embryos, our most vulnerable stage of life and “the least of these” our fellow humans, have been targeted especially in recent years, as a source of stem cells that we were told would cure all known maladies. 
Yet the facts have been, and continue to be, obscured by proponents of embryonic stem cell research who are so eager to harvest stem cells from tiny humans they are blind to the truth that there are plentiful alternative sources.

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