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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Former MTV Star Jess McCain Calls Abortion “Murder” and “Extermination”

By Katie Yoder
Life News

Both Hollywood and MTV are in cahoots with America’s largest abortion provider. But that isn’t stopping one star from speaking out in defense of the unborn.

In a string of recent tweets, MTV personality Jessica (Jess) McCain argued against abortion as a witness to unborn babies. 

“[P]regnancy isn’t a sickness, abortion isn’t a cure,” she urged her 38,000 followers Thursday. A reality TV star (and self-described Christian), McCain appeared in MTV’s Real World: Portland and The Challenge before leaving Hollywood for the Institute of Culinary Education to pursue her dream job as a chef.

Her tweets challenging abortion began last week, when a fellow Twitter user named Jem tweeted out an article with the caption, “Men trying to take control over women’s reproductive rights is one of the surest ways for them to try to suppress our power.”
In disagreement, McCain responded that a baby is not only the mother’s child, but also the father’s.

“[M]an and woman make a baby. Woman wants an abortion..the father wants to meet his child…her body. Half his child,” she tweeted.

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