Monday, September 14, 2015

Planned Parenthood, Our Local ISIS

by Tom Graffagnino

We can't stand the blood of ISIS, 
We're appalled by what we see! 
On the other hand, we're bloodied 
By our own atrocity. 

Babies by the millions butchered 
Right before our very eyes, 
Never mind, though...THAT's "progressive", 
(Disregard those tiny cries.) 

After all...(we say)...that's different... 
ISIS isn't us....No way! 
Those aren't babies...That's just "tissue"! 
It's our "human right" today. 

So, we wash our hands with Pilate, 
(Close your eyes and just pretend) 
Mindless "grace" of Humanism... 
Just as if we'd never sinned!

Many thanks to Tom Graffagnino, a Facebook friend and poet, for this poem, and to Pat & Jack O'Brien, pro-life warriors from Chester County, PA  for the  picture above.  

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