Sunday, August 21, 2016

A 9 11 A DAY

from Frank X Panico
Xs in the Sky Films

Being a Christian filmmaker who is attempting to save the lives of the unborn through film, I am reaching out to other fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who also realize the importance of averting the abortion epidemic. Moreover, conveying the message that God can forgive anyone of anything, even a past abortion, is a paramount concern of my endeavor. My name is Frank X Panico and I founded a film company called "Xs in the Sky Films" in 2010 to produce quality films with Christian values. Our 4th and most recently project is a 50 minute documentary titled, "A 9/11 a Day".

The movie was completed with the assistance of Rachel's Vineyard in Riviera Beach FL and Mary's Shelter in Stuart FL. Both reputable organizations and their staff were filmed 
and interviewed for the film and provided extremely insightful and compelling testimony. 

In this riveting documentary we expose the fact that 3000 unborn babies a day are lost in abortion mills across America; around the same number killed in the tragic September 11th attack on the Twin Towers. Why has abortion become so acceptable in our society, what can we do to make it unacceptable and is this insidious practice in some way driven by Satan and his evil spirits? This 50-minute film asks us to explore these issues from the ground up with particular emphasis on the diabolical influence inherent to the abortion industry as no other film does. These controversial questions were posed to respected and even entertaining men and women who hold over twenty-five years of experience in the front lines of the fight in the field of the abortion industry. Their conclusions breech the distance in the debate for life and offer a unique perspective on the motives and means behind the billion dollar killing corporation as it is unraveled and exposed in “A 9/11 A Day.”

. This cinematic experience goes straight for the jugular of Planned Parenthood and all abortion mills, annihilating the myths they spew out, such as, they just want to help women and there is no negative repercussion associate with the killing of child that dwells within them. Perhaps the most vital message conveyed through this film is this. If a woman is plagued with suffering from a past abortion, they must sincerely ask our creator for forgiving and healing and it will be granted to them. The burden of a past abortion can stop a woman from reaching the purpose that God has for them. This is Satan’s tactic. The Evil One does not want these post aborted women to flourish and be joyful, and he does not want to allow God’s plan for them to unfold. One should take no part in unfruitful works of darkness, but expose them.

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