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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

States Sue to Overturn New Trump Rule and Force Little Sisters of the Poor to Fund Abortion Drugs

By Steven Ertelt
Life News

The Trump Administration issued new rules protecting Little Sisters of the Poor from having to pay for abortion-causing drugs in their employee health care plans. Now, two states have filed suit to force the organization of Catholic nuns to pay for abortion drugs.

As LifeNews reported, President Donald Trump signed a religious liberty executive order that would protect Christian organizations like the Little Sisters of the Poor from being forced to pay for abortions.

The order indicates the Trump administration will “provide regulatory relief for religious objectors to Obamacare’s burdensome preventive services mandate, a position supported by the Supreme Court decision in Hobby Lobby.”

However, pro-abortion attorneys general in two states don’t want the Catholic nuns to enjoy that protection. The Little Sisters of the Poor are heading back to court to defend themselves against lawsuits by the states of California and Pennsylvania to take away the Little Sisters’ religious exemption from the new Health and Human Services rule.

The abortion activists are suing to stop the Trump order that protects religious non-profits like the Little Sisters of the Poor, Catholic nuns who dedicate their lives to caring for the elderly poor, from providing services like the week-after pill in their healthcare plans in violation of their faith. If it stands, the new rule should mean that their lawsuit against the federal government will soon end.

However, shortly after the new mandate was issued, the states of California and Pennsylvania sued to take away the religious exemption the Little Sisters just won. The Little Sisters of the Poor, represented by attorneys with Becket, are asking the court to ensure that they can continue their vital ministry of caring for the elderly poor without violating their faith. Becket will file to intervene on the Sister’s behalf later today.

Mark Rienzi, senior counsel at Becket and lead attorney for the Little Sisters of the Poor, told LifeNews: “Sadly Josh Shapiro and Xavier Becerra think attacking nuns is a way to score political points. These men may think their campaign donors want them to sue nuns, but our guess is most taxpayers disagree. No one needs nuns in order to get contraceptives, and no one needs these guys reigniting the last administration’s divisive and unnecessary culture war.”

The Trump order limits a rule created under the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act that required that employers, including non-church religious organizations, must cover all forms of contraception, from birth control pills to abortion drugs and devices at no cost to the employees.

University of Ottawa Student Union Votes to Ban Pro-Life Clubs, Affirm Abortion Support


Life Site News

A pro-life student group at the University of Ottawa has been censored and stripped of club status because their mandate promotes human rights for all human beings. In a follow-up recent decision, the Student Union on November 5th has now voted to have the Student Union be a "pro-choice" entity only supporting groups that support legalized abortion.

The section reads that Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) will “affirms a person’s right to choose. No SFUO resources, space, recognition, or funding will be allocated to enhance groups/individuals with the primary/sole purpose of pro-life activities.”

A SFUO vice-president confirmed the results of the two motions, conducted by secret ballot.

The group, University of Ottawa Students for Life (SFL), has been a registered campus club for ten years, fostering respectful dialogue and hosting events to discuss human rights issues, especially abortion. SFL members are committed to upholding the respect and dignity of every human being, before as well as after birth.

On Thursday, September 28, 2017, SFL was ordered to shut down a tabling event by Leila Moumouni-Tchouassi, VP Equity of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO). Ms. Moumouni-Tchouassi failed to cite or produce any university policy which SFL had violated. She also declared that University of Ottawa Protection Services would be called if the pro-life students did not leave the area. The students understood that they had university approval for the time and location of this tabling event.

Two weeks later, on Friday, October 13, SFL received an email signed by Linda Lacombe indicating that they were approved as a campus club for the 2017-2018 academic year. One week later, on Friday, October 20, SFL received an unsigned email from the SFUO, indicating that their club status had been revoked.

The UOSFL stated: “This decision was made due to the ways in which your mandate is in contention with the SFUO’s principles.”

Ruth Shaw, NCLN Executive Director, commented: “It is not the role of a student union to take sides in educational engagement. It is only their job to represent all their members and allow for open dialogue between them. Every student must pay dues to the student union- pro-life students are essentially now paying someone to discriminate against them. That is abhorrent."

Peter van Dyken, third-year biochemistry student and SFL President, said: “All we want to do is talk to people about abortion on campus because it is a decision that will greatly affect their lives. With no law on abortion in this country, we want to educate our peers on the violent nature of this procedure. We hope the SFUO will re-commit to upholding student rights on our campus, and we will continue to be vocal on this issue."

How Samantha Saved Her Baby with Abortion Pill Reversal

By Jay Hobbs
National Right to Life

Though the abortion lobby loudly derides the Abortion Pill Reversal as “unproven” at best and “junk science” at worst, don’t count on a Massachusetts woman named Samantha to join in with the chorus of science-deniers who oppose the life-saving medical intervention.

To Samantha, the only important thing about the breakthrough treatment—which is really a new use of a decades-old, FDA-approved prescription dating back to the 1950s –is that it saved her daughter’s life earlier this year.

One of 300 mothers and counting to have saved the life of her unborn children in the past five years, Samantha is on the cusp of welcoming her daughter into the world this December.

When she does, she won’t be alone—at least not if the women at Abundant Hope Pregnancy Resource Center can help it.

It was at Abundant Hope, which is just down the street from an abortion business in Attleboro, Mass., that Samantha found out about Abortion Pill Reversal during a visit to the center. Ironically, Abundant Hope has come under fire in recent weeks from the pro-abortion Campaign for Accountability, which lodged a formal complaint with the state, accusing Abundant Hope of tricking women into rejecting abortion.

The complaint was filed less than a week after the staff and volunteers at Abundant Hope held a baby shower in Samantha—and her unborn daughter’s—honor.

“They gave me strength to not go through with that that abortion—that horrifying thing that would have affected the rest of my life,” Samantha said. “It was just an ongoing struggle with what to do in my heart and my head. Abundant Hope has changed my life by being a good support system. When I don’t have anyone else to turn to, I give them a call—even if I just need to talk to them.”

Following her initial visit at Abundant Hope, Samantha tried to abort her baby three separate times. On her third attempt, Samantha took the first of two pills in the chemical abortion regimen. She immediately regretted her decision, however, and reached out to the Abortion Pill Reversal hotline (877-558-0333) for help.

Within hours, Samantha was in the office of Abundant Hope’s medical director, receiving an emergency dose of progesterone. One of 350 physicians who make up the national Abortion Pill Reversal network, the doctor then worked with Samantha to prescribe an ongoing progesterone treatment plan to get her pregnancy back on track.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pro-Choice, Products of Conception, Reproductive Rights: How Pro-Abortionists Use Words to Deceive

By Dr. Michael Brown
Christian Post

Michael Brown holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures from New York University and has served as a professor at a number of seminaries. He is the author of 25 books and hosts the nationally syndicated, daily talk radio show, the Line of Fire.
We have always known that pro-abortion rhetoric is built on misleading slogans and deceptive terms. But I was reminded today of just how deceptive much of the terminology is when I read a 2016 interview with actor Kelsey Grammer.

Before getting to Grammer's comments, the first and foremost example of abortion deception is the "pro-choice" moniker, since the pro-abortionists are anything but pro-choice.

Of course, they want to be able choose to abort their babies. But they certainly don't want pregnant women to be exposed to the other choices they have, including giving their babies up for adoption or choosing to keep their children. When you walk into an abortion mill, choice is a one-way street.

Then there are the sterilized terms for the brutal work of abortion, like POC, standing for "products of conception." This is the term used for aborted baby parts, including eyes and hands and feet. They can be found carefully stored in bottles and other containers before being disposed of by the abortion providers. (For a gut-wrenching description, go here.)

Unfortunately, the power of a catchy slogan or a medical term is that it often takes the place of critical thinking. It's much easier to repeat a sound bite than to think through an issue, and when it comes to an emotionally-charged issue like abortion, sound bites rule the day.

As for Grammer's interview, somehow I missed it when it came out last year, but he took issue with the term "reproductive rights."

As noted on LifeSiteNews, "Emmy-award winning actor Kelsey Grammer slammed the euphemism 'reproductive rights' as 'dishonest' and lamented the practice of killing pre-born children because they were conceived in rape in an interview with the UK publication The Times."

As he said, "It gets a bit dishonest to call something reproductive rights when you clearly have a choice well before a baby is conceived." Exactly. If the woman doesn't want to reproduce, she doesn't have to have unprotected sex. But that's only the beginning of the deception.

What could be more dishonest and misleading than the term "reproductive rights" when it comes to pro-abortion activism?

First, having an abortion has nothing to do with either reproduction or rights. Any woman can have as many babies as she wants to have (or, is able to have). No one in the pro-life movement is stopping her. To the contrary, to the extent that deciding to have children is a right, all pro-lifers encourage that right. Go ahead and reproduce!

Second, pro-abortionists could not have picked a more deceptive term than "reproductive rights" since we are talking about ending a pregnancy rather than producing a baby. It would be more accurate to call this "fetus-killing rights" or "terminating pregnancy rights" rather than "reproductive rights."

Christian Post opinion continues

A Testimony to the Power of Faith and to the “26th Victim,” an Unborn Child

By Dave Andrusko
National Rght to Life

On November 8, we posted a story under the headline, “A tally of 26 murder victims that includes ‘space for one more’–an unborn child.”

I wrote about the awful slaughter of parishioners at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. Sheriffs found the bodies of 22 of the victims in the church “but by their reasoning,” wrote Laurie Goodstein of the New York Times, “one more victim died there — inside the womb of Crystal Holcombe, who was killed in the pews along with three of her five children.”

The story was not primarily about the carnage. It was essentially Goodstein rounding up a veteran pro-abortionist to grouse about Unborn Victims of Violence laws variations of which are on the books in 38 states. Goodstein correctly reminded her readers that the federal law recognizing unborn children as second victims passed in 2004 after a five-year-long battle.

If the Times story was a low point, the high point probably was a touching, tender story that ran this week in the Washington Post: “Family that lost 10 members in Texas church massacre remembered,” by Eva Ruth Moravec.

I dropped Ms. Moravec a line this morning. I told her that her story simultaneously broke my heart and raised my spirits.

Here is her lead:

FLORESVILLE, Tex. — Thousands of mourners said goodbye and celebrated the lives of an extended family that lost 10 of its members nearly two weeks ago in a mass shooting inside their small-town Texas church.
Colorful caskets contained the bodies of three generations of the Holcombe family, from an unborn child and a 1-year-old to the church’s 60-year-old associate pastor. Mourners overfilled an event center here, full of sorrow and of hope, knowing that the members of a deeply faithful family — who had been praising God when killed — were now home in heaven.
None of the nonsensical critiques of “counting” an unborn child among the fatalities. Not once but twice she writes about the “unborn child.”

 National Right to Life story continues

Dads Need a Life-Giving Voice in Crisis Pregnancies

By Tammy R. Shewfelt
National Right to Life

For years, our culture has promoted a not-so-positive definition of a man, father and husband.

The crucial role of men in society and the family has been sidelined for many reasons. Whether men feel their diminished importance is due to forces outside of themselves, or they just lack the desire to live up to their God-given responsibilities, the bottom line is, too often, the voices of men have been silent in the life decision.

Instilled within every man are the desires and capabilities to be a father—a provider and protector of his family. But 44 years and tens of millions of abortions this side of Roe v. Wade have left many men in a position of passivity and indecisiveness, confused and helpless when it comes to the most basic duty of protecting their own preborn children.

Meanwhile, legalized abortion provides an escape hatch of sorts for men who are unwilling to accept the responsibility to care for the life they have helped to create. Others, threatening to leave or even physically harm the mother of their child in order to avoid fatherhood, coerce their partner into aborting her preborn child against her will.

In either case—by becoming a passive participant rather than an active protector, or by becoming an active aggressor rather than a loving provider for his family—men in these cases are going against the grain of their own God-given design.

Starting even in the days leading up to Roe v. Wade, an established strategy of the abortion lobby emerged, framing the issue as a “War on Women” and condemning any dissenting male voice simply on the basis of his gender. 

This was on full display in the California State Senate, for example, when one senator issued the following challenge in the lead-up to the State Senate’s approval of the so-called “Reproductive FACT Act”: “When you have a uterus, come talk to me. Before then, leave it up to the women.”

Since it’s “not your body” it’s “not your choice,” men are told. In the public sphere, this line of reasoning is used as a trump card. But on the ground, in real life, the result can be even more paralyzing to a man whose instinct is to protect his loved ones.

Legally, a father’s consent is not needed for an abortion. Only a mother can legally end the life of her preborn child. When the gold standard for fatherhood in an unexpected pregnancy is reduced to a vague notion of “supporting whatever decision she makes,” a man has surrendered his inherent gift as a protector.

Regardless of what specific part a man plays in the abortion decision, he will not be spared from the possible trauma of its after-effects.

Now – here’s where we come in

Pregnancy help centers, medical clinics, maternity homes and more can play an important role in this crisis of sidelined men and diminished family structures. Our positioning in the “world” of untimely pregnancies is right in the epicenter of this very issue: at the beginning of a family.

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If you or someone you know is suffering after abortion, confidential non-judgmental help is available.  Call Project Rachel's national toll-free number 888-456-HOPE (4673) or visit hopeafterabortion.org.  

The Evil Culture of Abortion is Bound to Fall

By Maria Gallagher, Legislative Director
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

“Like anybody, I would like to live a long life. Longevity has its place. But I’m not concerned about that now. I just want to do God’s will. And He’s allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I’ve looked over. And I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the promised land!” —The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., April 3, 1968, Memphis, Tennessee
In working to celebrate and honor the dignity of innocent human life, I have found this quotation from civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. coming to my mind again and again. I hope with all my heart that I will see the day when the tragic U.S. Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade is overturned. To me, metaphorically speaking, enabling states to protect pre-born children from the moment of conception is the “Promised Land” that I am longing to see. I pray that this happens during my lifetime.

It saddens me that my daughter has had to grow up in a world in which the taking of unborn children’s lives is so prevalent. In the U.S. alone, the unborn death toll from abortion stands at close to 60 million since the 1973 Supreme Court decision. That figure does not include mothers who have died directly as a result of abortion, mothers who have died from drug or alcohol overdoses following abortion, or of post-abortion suicides.

That death toll also does not take into account the collateral damage caused by abortion—the severed relationships, the emotional and psychological trauma, the physical complications, the subsequent premature births.

What could be called the culture of abortion is prevalent in our political system, entertainment, and the media. Thus, the effort to restore a culture of life is played out on multiple fronts—not only in courtrooms and Capitol buildings, but also on television and movie screens and over Internet connections.

To counter the abortion lobby is a vast undertaking. But there is certainly hope born in every chapter and affiliate of National Right to Life. Research shows that the Millennial generation of young adults is more pro-life than young people of generations past.

When I learn that a baby’s life is saved and a mother is spared the harm of abortion, I am transported to the mountaintop. I still hope I will survive to see the promised land of an abortion-free America. But if I do not, I am confident that my daughter or another descendant will.

The unjust ruling known as Roe will eventually crumble, just as so many of history’s injustices have. It is not too big to fail—it is such a huge travesty that failure is guaranteed.

The Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, Inc., is committed to promoting the dignity and value of human life from conception to natural death and to restoring legal protection for preborn children. Through legislation, political action, education and other legal means, we proclaim the truth about abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.  For more information or to find out how you can become involved, please use this link.  

Voices for Life is an e-publication dedicated to informing and educating the public on pro-life and pro-family issues. To read our Mission Statement, use this link.  Follow us on FacebookGoogle, and Pinterest.  Help us spread the pro-life message by sharing our articles on your favorite social networks.

Pregnant, need help or know someone who does?  

National Hotline: Call 1-800-712-HELP or Text 'HELPLINE' to 313131.
In Southeast Penna:  Call the Community Women's Center at  215-826-8090

If you or someone you know is suffering after abortion, confidential non-judgmental help is available.  Call Project Rachel's national toll-free number 888-456-HOPE (4673) or visit hopeafterabortion.org.  

Monday, November 20, 2017

Over a Thousand Celebrate Life and Mercy at 35th Annual Dinner

As a great way to reflect on the accomplishments and be motivated to go into 2018 with a plan to end abortion, the Pro Life Union held their annual dinner on November 19th, marking its 35th year. 1200 youth, young adults, and seasoned pro life advocates gathered prior to the biggest NFL rivalry game to celebrate, reflect, and be inspired about the life message.

This year the Pro-Life Union honored three individuals who went above and beyond. It was also an evening to say good-bye to a dedicated leader and pass on the torch to the new Director of the Pro-Life Union.

 Det. James Wood receiving the "Be Not Afraid" Award for his work in landing Kermit Gosnell a life conviction and closing his "house of horrors in Mantua section of West Philadelphia.

 Dr. Monique Ruberu receives the Defender of Life Award for her works with the 40 Days for Life Campaign outside the largest Planned Parenthood in the state, located at 12th and Locust.

Edel Finnegan delivers her farewell address as she steps down from the Executive Director position.

 Melissa Ohden shares first hand about her story of love and mercy as an abortion survivor

The PLU incoming CEO/Director Tom Stevens gives his first address
Not pictured is Carly Freeth, a senior Temple student who was the first recipient of the John and Harriet Stanton Memorial Award. Carly interned last summer for Edel and made calls to state officials in Harrisburg.
Fr. Walsh, the MC of the event, encourages those gathered to be inspired to do your part in building a culture of life through love. 

Singer Joy Villa Declares “Abortion Is Murder” on Twitter

By Katie Yoder
Life News

Hollywood entertainers routinely flock to promote abortion and Planned Parenthood, but one artist is breaking with the trend.

Singer and songwriter Joy Villa recently confirmed she’s with the pro-life movement. On Nov. 15, the self-described #1 Billboard recording artist tweeted out against abortion and in support of adoption.

“Abortion is murder,” she repeated, along with the hashtags #prolife, #chooselife, #chooseadoption and #thereishope.

Earlier this year, Villa made headlines after donning a “Make America Great Again” gownto show her support of President Trump at the Grammys. Months after the event, she toldFox News she “lost friends” for her statement – although the sale of her music increased. According to her website, her single, I Make the Static, “rocketed to the #1 spot on both iTunes and Amazon” after her appearance at the 2017 Grammys’ appearance.”

She has publicized her pro-life stance in the past on Twitter and criticized America’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood. (That includes calling out actress Mila Kunis for her donations to Planned Parenthood in Vice President Mike Pence’s name.)

New York Abortionist Set for Hearing November 28 in Manslaughter Case

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

Queens, NY -Jaime Morales was an apparently happy and healthy 30-year old woman when she walked into the Liberty Women's Healthcare office in Flushing, New York, on July 9, 2016, for an elective second trimester abortion.

By evening, she was dead.

In a rare case of criminal prosecution of an abortionist for causing the death of a patient, Robert Rho, was arrested on October 11, 2016, after a Grand Jury issued an indictment against him for Second Degree Manslaughter (Reckless Homicide), a Class C Felony that carries a penalty of 3 1/2 to 15 years in prison.

Continue reading here!

Operation Rescue is one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation and has become a strong voice for the pro-life movement in America. Operation Rescue is now headquartered in a former abortion clinic that it bought and closed in 2006. From there, Operation Rescue launches its innovative new strategies across the nation, exposing and closing abortion clinics through peaceful, legal means. Its activities are on the cutting edge of the abortion issue, taking direct action to stop abortion and ultimately restore legal personhood to the pre-born in obedience to biblical mandates. For more information or to make a donation to help them with their work, please use this link.