Friday, July 20, 2018

Whoopi Snaps After Judge Jeanine Accuses Her of Having “Trump Derangement Syndrome”

“You not what’s horrible? When people who shouldn’t be here end up murdering the children of American citizens?”

By Kristine Marsh
Life News

Thursday at the View, Fox News’ host Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared as the guest to talk about her new book about what she called, the “conspiracy” against Donald Trump. The largely liberal table of course butted heads with Pirro but remained civil and let her speak until they very end of the interview when Whoopi Goldberg lost her cool and shouted her down to end the segment.

The fallout happened after Pirro answered host Sara Haines question as to why she called her book, “Liars, Leakers and Liberals, The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy”. Saying she wasn’t “an idealogue,” she slammed the Mueller investigation as a “fake investigation based on a fake document” (the unsubstantiated Trump-Russia dossier.) That upset host Sunny Hostin who shot back, “It was not only based on that and you know that.” CNN commentator Ana Navarro, filling in for Joy Behar, used Pirro’s initial comment to try to pin her into a corner on President Trump:

You just said you’re not an ideologue. Let me ask you a question. Do you think Donald Trump embraces and embodies conservative ideology? He used to have a different position on pro-choice. He is imposing tariffs. He’s against globalism. Do you think he’s an idealogue that is faithful to conservative policies?

After denying that she was there to talk about what type of conservative Trump was, Whoopi demanded, “You have to answer the question!” Pirro explained how better off the country was with Trump as president.

“You want to talk about Donald Trump? You tell me what metric in the country is worse off? Unemployment is lower than it’s been for 50 years. Minorities. Hispanics. African Americans,” she started to list off as the table erupted. Whoopi shook her head and told her to “Stop, stop.”
“Hate crimes are what’s up!” Navarro quipped as Hostin tried to claim that Obama was the one responsible for the country’s current economy. Pirro rebutted that claim.
“The GDP under Obama was barely 1. We’re going up to 4,” she shot back. Meghan McCain urged the importance for the hosts to understand why Trump was still garnering high support among Republicans.
“I also think it’s important as we said. 89% of the Republicans support him. He still has a huge popularity in the country. If Democrats don’t get their you know what together, he’ll certainly be re-elected,” she warned.
As Whoopi started to badger Pirro again she shot back that the host was clearly suffering from “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” Whoopi took offense and went on a heated rant against the Fox News host:

Listen, I don’t have Trump derangement. Let me tell you what I have. I have a lot of — I’m tired of people starting a conversation with Mexicans are liars and rapists. I’m tired of people starting a conversation about this country — [ cheers and applause ] Listen, I’m 62 years old. There have been a lot of people in office that I didn’t agree with. But I have never, ever seen anything like this. I have never seen anybody whip up such hate. I have never seen anybody be so dismissive. [ Cheers and applause ] And I — and clearly you don’t watch the show. So you don’t know that I don’t suffer from that. What I suffer from is the inability to figure out how to fix this. That’s my issue. But one of the things that you talk about a lot, and I’m curious about it is the deep state. How long has the deep state been there and who is running it?

Pirro tried to address the opening of Whoopi’s rant before answering her final question but Whoopi wasn’t having it.
“Your opening statement, which was how horrible it is that Donald Trump is talk about all of these people,” she started to say as Whoopi kept cutting in.
“No, no I’m sorry baby, that’s what you said! You said–” she gushed as the conversation turned into a meltdown.

David Daleiden Wants Pro-Planned Parenthood Judge Removed Who Censored Videos Exposing Baby Part Sales

By Steven Ertelt
Life News

Attorneys for undercover investigator David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress filed a motion in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals this week, asking the court to reassign a lawsuit abortion activists filed against him for exposing the abortion industry’s sale of aborted baby parts to a judge not connected to Planned Parenthood.

U.S. District Judge William Orrick blocked Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress from releasing some of their undercover footage in 2015 after the National Abortion Federation filed a lawsuit. When a new undercover video was released online after the order, Orrick ordered that it be removed and said he would consider holding Daleiden in contempt.

Previously, Daleiden and his attorneys asked that Orrick recuse himself from the case because of a pro-abortion bias. They discovered that Orrick has had a long relationship with an group that partners with Planned Parenthood, and his wife publicly supported abortion online. Because that didn’t happen, they took their case to the appeals court.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund and the Thomas More Society, which are defending David and CMP, argue that evidence shows that Judge Orrick’s relationship with Planned Parenthood explains his wholesale adoption of NAF’s and Planned Parenthood’s since-disproved theory that CMP’s investigative journalism led to widespread vigilante vandalism against them. Even though that theory has been proven false—and even repudiated by Planned Parenthood—Judge Orrick has stood by it, showing that assigning a new judge is necessary to “preserve the appearance of justice.”

In comments to LifeNews, Charles LiMandri, FCDF’s chief counsel and lead attorney for David and CMP, said: “Judge Orrick is an ardent supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood, and he and his spouse have shown open hostility to David. Allowing a biased judge to preside over this case is a grave injustice.”

Evidence of Judge Orrick’s bias includes sitting on the Board of a family planning clinic that partners with Planned Parenthood and allowing his wife to use his image to demonize David and CMP on social media, likening them to “extremists” who incite “domestic terrorism.” Orrick is a former board member of the Good Samaritan Family Resource Center in San Francisco, which has a close partnership to Planned Parenthood.

While Orrick was secretary of the board, the organization “embedded a Planned Parenthood clinic inside its premises, and lists among its ‘key partnerships’ … Planned Parenthood Shasta Pacific …” according to the request.

The Planned Parenthood affiliate also is a member of the National Abortion Federation, the plaintiff in the case, according to the court document.

Daleiden’s attorneys said Orrick did not disclose that he was a board member at the time the partnership began, or that he later served as an emeritus board member. They also brought up Orrick’s wife’s public comments online that support Planned Parenthood and criticize Daleiden.

LiMandri said: “Even the slightest hint that the judge favors one party over another will forever taint the public’s perception of the fairness of his ruling. This is especially so because the outcome of this case will have an enormous impact on the abortion debate.”

NAF has until July 26, 2018, to respond to David and CMP’s motion.

Woman Reflects Back on the Baby She “Didn’t Want”

By Dave Andrusko
National Right to Life

I am giving a talk today to members of NRLC’s Academy. In addition to explaining how NRL News Today is composed and distributed, my goal is to make it more of a back-and-forth for one simple reason. I try to take every opportunity to understand how young people think, which is different than an oldster like me.

One of the many objectives of NRL News Today and our monthly NRL News is to peer behind the curtain, to understand not just what pro-abortionists say but why. What premises are floating about untethered to reason?

To be done well, we must read carefully, especially for a woman who has had an abortion. She may defend her “choice” as the best thing that ever happened–to her. But in the same response–in person, online, or in a newspaper–you will read inklings of regret and sorrow and remorse. And yet, so often, those second thoughts are then excused away.

As I put my thoughts together for today’s time with the Academy students, I thought of one of the “best” examples of this amazing back and forth–a 776-word-long op-ed that appeared years in the New York Times written by Susan Heath. In it we see Heath pining for the “good old days.”

Which were in 1978–five years after Roe v. Wade was decided!–a time when she was 38. Heath already had four sons and (she tells us) she’s “about two and a half months pregnant.”

Five words summarize where she was at: “I don’t want this child.”

Give Heath credit. None of the usual diversionary stuff. She wrote that little babies are cute—indeed, “I delight in newborn babies with their delicate weightlessness, the curl of their small fingers around my thumb.”

What’s the best thing about them now? “[T]hey belong to other people. I don’t want to bear them, feed them, bring them up, be responsible for them.”

Put more straightforwardly, “I’ve got other things to do,” adding later by way of further clarification, she was “on a different track now.”

And in the good old days she got back on track by zipping down to the non-judgmental, protestor-free Planned Parenthood clinic. There Heath has the abortion which is “really not so bad; in fact it’s not as invasive as going for monthly checkups when you’re pregnant. They’re kind, they tuck me up under a blanket and say my husband can pick me up soon and take me home. I’m fine.”

National Right to Life News story continues here

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