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Wednesday, October 26, 2016


by Mike McMonagle, President
Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania

Some local and national Christian leaders have expressed a lack of clarity about the 2016 Presidential Election. The application of our Lord's Second Great Commandant provides great clarity to that decision. That Commandant is, "Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself."

There are approximately 32,000 children killed before birth each year by abortion in Pennsylvania, including 15,000 in our Archdiocese of Philadelphia. If a Presidential candidate advocated a legal right to directly and unjustly kill us, we would fervently desire that our fellow voters reject that candidate. We would also desire Christian leaders to clearly and cogently urge this rejection.

Hillary Clinton fervently supports a "legal right" to abortion. Furthermore, Clinton has committed to increase abortions by ending the Hyde Amendment, which has saved millions of children of low income mothers from abortion by greatly restricting federal Medicaid funding of abortion. Even worse, in the long-term, would be Clinton's filling the U.S Supreme Court with nominees committed to continuing the created "constitutional right" to kill unborn children by abortion.

Thus, any 2016 Presidential Election analysis by a Christian leader that does not begin by a clear teaching of why Hillary Clinton should be rejected by fellow Christians fails to love our neighbors in the womb.

Such a teaching does not necessarily require urging a vote for her opponent, Donald Trump. Most leaders in the pro-life movement, including me, supported candidates other than Donald Trump for the Republican Presidential nomination. We believed that these candidates had sincerely pro-life positions and proven pro-life records.

However, since Trump won the Republican Presidential nomination in May 2016, he has provided the strongest and most specific pro-life commitments than any other prior Republican Presidential candidate. He has identified some excellent prospective U.S. Supreme Court Justices and selected pro-life Gov. Mike Pence as his Vice-President nominee.

Trump's lewd and misogynistic comments should disgust Catholics and other Christians and give us pause about supporting him. Nevertheless, we also need to be introspective and consistent in our moral priorities. We supported Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012 whose words once advocated the killing of children before birth. We also supported Gov. Ronald Reagan whose actions (of signing California's 1967 "Therapeutic Abortion Act") caused the death of hundreds of thousands of children before birth.

Catholics and other Christians have a moral obligation to love our unborn neighbors as ourselves and not enable their killing with our votes for President. The election of Donald Trump has become the only way to prevent the election of Hillary Clinton. This obligation and this reality require a vote for Donald Trump.

NOTE: To see where the presidential candidates stand on the issue of life, please use this link.

Michael J. McMonagle is the President of the Pro-Life Coalition of Pennsylvania. He has served as a leader in the pro-life movement at the local (Philadelphia), state (Pennsylvania) and national levels since 1980.

Premature Baby’s Amazing Smile 5 Days After Birth Goes Viral, She’s the “Happiest Baby in the World”

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

The photo of a premature baby girl just five days after her birth is bringing a smile to hundreds of thousands of people on the internet.
Freya Vinje is almost 2 years old now, but her 2014 birth was a traumatic experience for her parents, Lauren and David Vinje of Minnesota. Lauren recently shared her story and her daughter’s photo on the blog “Birth Without Fear” with the hope of encouraging other parents with premature babies.

The photo Lauren shared shows 5-day-old Freya in her hospital bed giving her mother a giant smile.
“I was talking to her and I had said, ‘Should we send a picture to Daddy?’ and right when I was about to take the picture, she had this huge smile,” Lauren remembered. “It was a picture that I had always wanted to get out for people to see because of how it touched me [in] the way that it did. We gave a copy to the nurses, and when we went to have our second little girl, they still had it hanging up in their break room.”

Yahoo News reports more:

Lauren Vinje’s pregnancy was no easy road, and at 28 weeks, she began showing signs of preeclampsia — a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure, according to the Mayo Clinic.

“In my head, I knew what it was but my doctor was not confirming it,” Lauren Vinje recalled. “[With] preeclampsia, your body sees the placenta as being a foreign object and it’s almost like your body becomes allergic to it — [that’s] what they told me. If you’re not monitored closely, you’ll lose the baby.”

During a Nov. 25, 2014, visit, Lauren Vinje’s doctor informed her that the baby’s heart rate was dropping and she’d have to prepare to have the baby.

Archbishop Chaput–“Evil Cannot Bear the Counter-Witness of Truth”

"We no longer tolerate abortion. We celebrate it. We venerate it as a totem."

By Dave Andrusko
National Right to Life

Editor’s note. We ran this last week, but the response was so overwhelming, I wanted to post it a second time for readers who may have missed it the first time or for newcomers. What follows are very extensive excerpts from a remarkable speech Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia delivered at the Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation Celebrate Life Banquet late last month.
Read them carefully. These are truly pearls of wisdom.

For the past 43 years we’ve been living the consequences of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court decision that effectively legalized abortion on demand. And the abortion struggle of the past four decades teaches us a very useful lesson. Evil talks a lot about “tolerance” when it’s weak. 

When evil is strong, real tolerance gets kicked out the door. This in turn explains a lot about our current cultural climate. To put it simply: Evil cannot bear the counter-witness of truth. It cannot co-exist peacefully with goodness, because evil insists on being seen as right, and worshiped as being right. Therefore, the good must be made to seem hateful and wrong.

The very existence of people who refuse to accept evil and who seek to act virtuously burns the conscience of those who don’t. And so, quite logically, people like the people in this room, people who march and lobby and speak out to defend the unborn child will be – and are – reviled by political leaders and news media and abortion activists who turn the right to kill an unborn child into a shrine for personal choice.

Seventy years ago, abortion was a crime against humanity. Four decades ago, abortion supporters talked piously about the “tragedy” of abortion and the need to make it safe and rare. But not today. Not anymore.

Now abortion is not just a so-called “right,” but a right that claims positive dignity, the license to demonize its opponents and the precedence to interfere with constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech, assembly and religion. We no longer tolerate abortion. We celebrate it. We venerate it as a totem.

People sometimes ask me if we can be optimistic, those of us who are religious believers, about the future of our country. My answer is always the same. Optimism and pessimism are equally dangerous for the believer because both God and the devil are full of surprises. 

But the virtue of hope is another matter. We have every reason to hope. Scripture tells us we must live in hope, and hope is a very different creature from optimism. Hope is the grace to trust that God is who He claims to be, and that in serving Him, we do something fertile and precious for the renewal of the world.
Our lives matter not because of who we are. They matter because of who God is. His mercy, his justice, his love — these are the things that move the galaxies and reach into the womb to touch the unborn child with the grandeur of being human. And we become more truly human ourselves by seeing the humanity in the poor, the weak, the elderly and the unborn child — and then fighting for it.

Black Pastor: Pro-Abortion “Hillary Clinton as President Will be an Unmitigated Disaster for Our Country”

By Steven Ertelt
Life News

Four years ago Bishop E.W. Jackson released an explosive video, seen by millions, compelling black voters – especially Christians – to abandon the Democratic Party.

In a new video released this weekend Jackson claims that poverty, violence and family breakdown in the inner cities, are the direct result of Democrat policies. The Bishop says, “Their policies have rewarded the absence of men in the home, disintegrated the black family, contributed to more black poverty, gangs, crime, violence and rampant drug addiction.”
Speaking to black Christian voters in particular, Jackson says, “the Democratic Party has also become anti-God, anti-Christian, and anti-Bible. Today’s Democrat Party does not represent the values of black Christians and churches.”

This week Jackson concludes a non-partisan five state tour to turn out the Christian vote in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. Says the Bishop, 

“With the Awakening Tour ending, I now want to speak strictly for myself as an American citizen. I believe that Hillary Clinton as President will be an unmitigated disaster for our country, the black community and Christians of all backgrounds.”

He believes that Hillary Clinton is counting on the short memory of black voters and that they will accept her racial pandering. “Mrs. Clinton thinks that the black community will not remember that she described young black men as ‘super predators,'” says Jackson, “and that she and President Clinton introduced the policies which led to mass incarceration of black men. She really expects to win black voters by telling them that she carries hot sauce in her pocketbook? That is racist and condescending, but that’s who she is.”

In the video, Bishop Jackson urges black voters to give Republicans and Donald Trump a chance since Democrats have failed miserably.

Jackson is calling on Christians to unite across racial and denominational lines to stop Clinton. Says Jackson, “Devout Christians – Catholic, Protestant, black, white, Latino and others – will be persecuted under a Clinton presidency. She believes that our First Amendment claims are a cover for homophobia, Islamophobia, sexism, hatred and bigotry. Donald Trump has promised to defend our religious liberty.”

Website: lifenews.com

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Catholic Relief Services Stored, Dispensed Abortifacient Contraceptives to Millions

New report reveals CRS/USAID dispensed millions of contraceptives and abortifacients

by Michael Hichborn
Lepanto Institute

Since at least 2009, despite numerous well documented reports, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) has denied having had any part in the distribution of contraception in any of its projects. Here are a few examples of what has already been reported:
In 2008, CRS was caught by theologian Germaine Grisez, distributing flip-charts promoting condom use.

In each case, CRS denied in any way to have promoted, distributed, or facilitated the distribution of any form of contraception. For instance, in response to a 2013 report by Population Research Institute that provided strong evidence of CRS’s participation in the distribution of contraception, CRS said:

'CRS programming does not include the promotion odistribution of artificial family planning or distribution of abortifacients in any country in which we work.'

article continues at http://www.lepantoinstitute.org

NOTE: Please sign the petition to His Excellency, Archbishop Paul Coakley, chairman of the board for Catholic Relief Services, to bring CRS into conformity with Pope Benedict XVI’s motu proprio by clicking here:


The Lepanto Institute for the Restoration of All Things in Christ is a research and education organization dedicated to the defense of the Catholic Church against assaults from without as well as from within. Whether in the form of armies, heretics, or traitors, the Church has always faced enemies seeking Her destruction. Today, the Church faces all three.  

In 1571, at the famous Battle of Lepanto, recourse to the Rosary saved the Church against a powerful force. Soldiers and sailors still had to rely upon their wits, strength and blood in the fight, but it was Our Lady of the Rosary who ultimately brought the victory. Today, a powerful force is again assaulting Holy Mother Church but in a much more subtle manner. 
For more information, please use this link.  

Abortionist LeRoy Carhart Sued for a Botched, Clinton-Supported Late-Term Abortion

Donald J. Trump opposes abortions like the one that 
ripped this woman's womb from stem to stern

By Cheryl Sullenger
Operation Rescue

Germantown, MD -- Topic of late-term abortions is in the headlines due to rabid support from Democrat Hillary Clinton, who denies babies are "ripped from the womb" during late-term abortions, as her opponent, Donald Trump, has said. Now, Operation Rescue has obtained court documents that confirm once again that the most-used form of late-term abortion does in fact dismember a baby, and can cause devastating harm to women as well.

Wendy Devine, 34, is alleging in a negligence/malpractice suit filed on September 27, 2016, in Montgomery County, Maryland, that LeRoy Carhart so severely botched her late-term abortion earlier this year that she nearly died. She endured such extreme injuries that she continues to suffer permanent disability and will likely never bear another child.

Carhart is perhaps the best known abortionist in the country that will openly conduct abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy, and does so at Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, Maryland.

Devine reported to the Germantown Reproductive Health Services on January 18, 2016, trusting that Carhart and his clinic staff were the experts in the field of abortion they said they were, and competent to conduct her late-term abortion.

That misplaced trust nearly proved fatal.

"So when Hillary Clinton voices support for late-term abortions, remember what happened to Wendy Devine and her dismembered baby. Remember what happened to dead Carhart abortion patients Jennifer Morbelli and Christin Gilbert, and the thousands upon thousands of other women who have suffered from risky late-term abortion procedures, and ask yourself whether, as a nation, we can tolerate such barbarity," said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. "Please join me in voting for Donald Trump, who strongly opposes abortions like the one that maimed Carhart's late-term abortion patient earlier this year."

Read Operation Rescue's report and view the full documentation.

We Must Keep Congress Pro-Life, Here are Pro-Life Senate Candidates Who Need Your Help

By Joe Landrum
Life News

As National Right to Life has explained in elaborate detail, the next president will nominate a successor for the late Justice Antonin Scalia, and probably have the opportunity to nominate successors to at least two more justices. The United States Senate will confirm or block these nominees. Pro-lifers across the nation must remain focused on maintaining enough votes to confirm pro-life justices.
The next Senate will also decide whether to advance pro-life legislation, such as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act.
So, yes, elections matter. Your vote matters.

Remember, even if you don’t live in one of the key states we will be looking at, you may have family or friends (or friends of friends – that’s how social media works!) in these states. So please direct your contacts to www.nrlpac.org early and often for voting information.

Given the level of misinformation, some things bear repeating to anyone you discuss elections, voting, or the pro-life cause with.

Many people who share your views on abortion may not have taken the time to learn where the candidates stand on our issues, and have only briefly heard about what pro-abortion organizations are undertaking to elect their preferred candidates. Planned Parenthood is the national largest abortion provider. Its political arms and EMILY’s List, the extreme pro-abortion PAC that only works for Democrat women who support abortion for any reason, are spending many tens of millions of dollars.

If you’re sharing pro-life information on FaceBook or Twitter and mention “Planned Parenthood” clarify that they are “the nation’s largest abortion provider.” And whenever you mention the name EMILY’s List, you should follow it with “the extreme pro-abortion PAC.”


This year, there are 34 U.S. Senate seats up for election: 10 Democrat seats and 24 Republican. All of the Democrats up for re-election are pro-abortion. According to Cook Political Report, only one Democrat seat is currently rated a “toss-up.”

Sadly, 6 Republican seats are listed as “toss-ups,” while two more are leaning toward the Democrats! Democrats need a net gain of five seats to regain control of the Senate, or four if they win the White House. If they hold their one toss-up seat, win the two Republican seats currently rated “lean Democrat” and pick up two or three Republican toss-ups, pro-lifers will be hard-pressed to block pro-abortion policies, much less advance any pro-life legislation.
List of Republican senate seats described as 'toss up' 

Hillary Clinton Misleads About Planned Parenthood: "All Kinds of Cancer Screenings"

Planned Parenthood's Purported 'Referral Services' to Outside Mammogram Facilities are Negligible 

By Stefan Ferrar
Church Militant

Hillary Clinton is again claiming Planned Parenthood should not be defunded owing to its providing of important medical services. In Wednesday's presidential debate between the Democratic nominee and Republican candidate Donald Trump, Clinton claimed Planned Parenthood (PP) provides "all kinds of cancer screenings and other benefits for women in our country." The veracity of those statements has been called into question by multiple sources, however, and by PP's own statistics.
In 2011, Cecile Richards, the president of PP, claimed in an interview that millions of women would lose their access to mammograms if PP was defunded, even though PP doesn't provide mammograms. An investigation by Live Action of 30 PP clinics in 27 states provided evidence that PP provides no mammograms.
And Washington Post's fact-checker stated in a 2015 article, "When Democratic lawmakers or other supporters assert that Planned Parenthood 'provides' mammograms, this is highly misleading language because it could be interpreted to mean that the group directly administers the x-rays." In fact, the group does not provide mammograms at all, but merely refers women to other medical facilities who do provide them.
In spite of PP's attempt to frame its services as largely non-abortion-related, the main source of revenue for PP has been and continues to be abortions. According to the watchdog group Stop Planned Parenthood, PP's abortion income in 2010 was 51.5 percent of its clinic income. From 2000–2011, PP went from performing 197,070 abortions which was 15 percent of all abortions in the United States to 32 percent, as PP in 2011 performed 333,964 abortions.
According to the Heritage Foundation, "Planned Parenthood affiliates perform about 20 abortions for every prenatal care visit and about 200 abortions for every adoption referral based on the approximately 300,000 abortions they perform each year."
Planned Parenthood's referrals of women for mammograms, and other medical services are a negligible portion of PP's operations, but abortion is the mainstay and cash cow of PP. According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, the average cost of a surgical abortion is $451, while chemical abortions are even more expensive, and becoming more frequent. PP's own statistics show that they make more than $148 million on abortions alone, with over 91% of PP's pregnant patients choosing to get an abortion.

The abortion giant's practice of referring women for mammograms isn't unique to PP, but is also the same practice as that of the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society. 

According to National Review's Michelle Malkin, "Planned Parenthood's purported 'referral services' to outside mammogram facilities are negligible — especially given the widespread availability of these and other free and low-cost breast and cervical cancer screening services across the country, supported by both private and public grants."

Website: churchmilitant.com

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Monday, October 24, 2016

George Soros and Family are Top Donors to Planned Parenthood Votes

By Carole Novielli
Live Action News

So far this year, Planned Parenthood’s political action organization, Planned Parenthood Votes, has received $10,119,855 in individual donations for 2016 political campaigning, according to a summary published by Open Secrets. A search conducted on October 11, 2016, revealed that billionaire George Soros and his family members were among Planned Parenthood’s top political donors:

• George Soros gave Planned Parenthood Votes $1,500,000
• Jennifer Allan Soros gave Planned Parenthood Votes $1,000,000
• Jonathan Soros gave Planned Parenthood Votes $1,000,000 as well as $250,000 in 2012
Andrea Soros Colombel gave Planned Parenthood Votes $ 250,000

View all the top donors here.

George Soros, whose net worth is $24.9 billion, promised to spend $13 million to support Democrats in the 2016 presidential race. He is among Planned Parenthood’s biggest donors. Soros listed his place of employment as the Soros Fund Management when he donated $1,500,000 in 2016 to Planned Parenthood Votes. According to Bloomberg, Soros Fund Management LLC is a “privately owned family office” which “invests in the public equity and fixed income markets across the globe.”

Sidewalk Advocates for Life Invites You to Join Them for a Teleconference & Web Simulcast Event on Oct 25th

from Lauren Muzyka, Executive Director
Sidewalk Advocates for Life


Join us for a FREE WEBCAST EVENT TOMORROW NIGHT that's sure to bring RENEWED HOPE!


You are invited to attend a ONE-TIME-ONLY, FREE teleconference and web simulcast event,

Tuesday night, October 25, 2016
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  • WHY RECORD-NUMBERS OF WOMEN ARE CHOOSING LIFE on the sidewalk in front of abortion facilities -- along with other monumental victories for LIFE!
  • WHAT'S AT STAKE IN THE 2016 ELECTION -- and what you need to do NOW to advance the pro-life cause as we near Election Day...
  • THE WINNING PLAN TO END ABORTION -- no matter who wins the White House...
  • TWO HUGE ANNOUNCEMENTS that will share groundbreaking strategic plans to mobilize more people and save more lives than ever before...
  • And HOW YOU CAN BE A PART OF ENDING ABORTION right in your town or city!



***Even if you can't listen right at event time, go ahead and register so a recording of the event is delivered to your inbox, afterwards.

Again, I look forward to having you join us for “TURNING POINT” on Tuesday, October 25th as we share with you this VITAL INFORMATION and SHARE THE PLAN TO TURN THE TIDE FOR LIFE!