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Monday, March 31, 2014

Gosnell Movie

A historic crowdfunding campaign for a movie about America's biggest serial killer, abortionist Kermit Gosnell and the media cover-up


Today we are launching the biggest ever crowd funding campaign to make a TV movie about the serial killer, abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell. 

Dr. Kermit Gosnell is the most prolific serial killer in American History, but almost no one knows who he is.
The Grand Jury investigating Kermit Gosnell's horrific crimes said this:

          This case is about a doctor who killed babies ... What we mean is that he regularly and illegally delivered live, viable, babies in the third trimester of pregnancy – and then murdered these newborns by severing their spinal cords with scissors .... Over the years, many people came to know that something was going on here. But no one put a stop to it.   (Report of the Grand Jury)

 continue reading at http://www.indiegogo.com/


Social Justice Movement Ought to Recognize Human Rights for Unborn Children

Opinion by Alexa Gospodinoff

The modern social justice movement can be described as a loose union of movements that oppose institutionalized injustice in various forms—racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and many more.

It’s seen as a single movement because all forms of oppression share certain characteristics: most importantly, that they are systems of injustice perpetuated by the entire culture, not merely collections of unrelated incidents. One of these axes of oppression, though not often recognized by the mainstream social justice movement, is adultism—the idea that adults are the “default” human beings, and the less adult-like a person is, the less valid their existence is.

And preborn children are the ones who suffer most acutely from this injustice.

continue reading at http://www.lifenews.com

 LifeNews Note: Alexa Gospodinoff writes for Secular Pro-Life, where this article originally appeared.

End of Life Issues Webcast - Mark Your Calendars for Thursday April 3rd!

From Father Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life
This is your invitation to join me and thousands of other concerned Americans as we discuss the growing threat to our elderly and infirm loved ones.  And quite possibly yourself.

For this reason I urge you to:
Circle Thursday, April 3 on your calendar and join me at 9:00PM EST (8:00 Central, 7:00 Mountain and 6:00 Pacific) for an hour-long discussion on how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from having death imposed upon them by government bureaucrats sitting on an ObamaCare “death panel”, a judge, a hospital board or anyone other than yourself.

Join me and Priests for Life Medical Advisor Dr. Matt Harrison for a special webcast about medical decision-making.

During the hour-long session we will:

1. Talk about what kinds of questions you should ask your doctor and your priest regarding whether or not to begin or continue various kinds of medical treatment for yourself or your loved ones.
2. Lay out some principles and describe the problems and challenges we face in our society.
3. And tell you about a special “Will to Live” kit that Priests for Life will be offering.

Unlike most Webcasts, this one will be PARTICIPANT-DRIVEN!

I say that because I am making myself and Dr. Matt available to answer YOUR QUESTIONS about what kinds of things you should ask your doctor or priest when you or a loved one is faced with difficult medical decision-making.

To register for the April 3 End of Life Webcast:

CLICK HERE to SIGN UP for this much-needed discussion and learn more about the program’s schedule, participants and topics.

Once you’ve registered to join us, we’ll send you the details on how to be in on the discussion; either by phone or on the Internet.

For today ...
... circle Thursday, April 3 on your calendar and make plans NOW to be part of the discussion.
Thank you for joining us and I look forward to speaking with you next Thursday evening.  God bless.


The 2014 ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES is scheduled to happen May 2nd(Friday), May 3rd(Saturday), and May 4th(Sunday).

 Persons participating in this multinational pro-life prayer event will pray at least one Rosary for an end to the surgical and non-surgical killing of unborn human persons.

To register, simply click on this Registration link.

Last year, persons from more than 50 nations registered over 175,000 Rosaries for the unborn babies.

In addition to praying the Rosary, you are encouraged to let other people know about the ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES. Various ways to do this can be read by clicking on this Promoting the Prayer Event link.

Please, do for the unborn babies that which they can not do for themselves: pray at least one Rosary as part of the ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES.

The Saint Michael the Archangel Organization coordinates the ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES prayer event(three days during the month of May), and the Organization coordinates the PRO-LIFE NOVENA FOR UNBORN BABIES(September  29th through October 7th).

Compulsory Indoctrination

Does a child have God given rights? Does does the government have the Constitutional authority to compel children to go to school?  Does a child's rights mysteriously appear when the child turns 18?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Appeals Court Upholds Texas Pro-Life Law Wendy Davis Opposed That Closed Abortion Clinics

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has issued a ruling upholding the Texas law Wendy Davis opposed that was responsible for closing abortion clinics in the Lone Star State.
In November, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia issued an opinion indicating the Supreme Court would not yet get involved in a case that has abortion facilities there appealing a law that has closed numerous abortion clinics that can’t protect women’s health.

Letter to an UNBORN CHILD, and his answer

From: Littleflowersfamily

There is another winter that doesn’t seem to be ending. That is the winter of “life”. There is a deafening silence against the Unborn today. A deafening blow to “life” today, the elderly, unborn and soon disabilities. There is no springtime coming for them. There is no respite from the bloodshed of this winter. When I first read these ‘letters’ I could hardly believe how even more fitting it was for today, considering it was written in 1951. These letters are so important I couldn’t wait to share them with you. Spread them far and wide! Let’s end this endless winter of death.
With love,
Rita Xo:)

Friday, March 28, 2014

Make Good Friday Pro-Life with a Way of the Cross at Your Local Abortion Facility


Eric Scheidler, Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

On a bleak Friday afternoon, our savior Jesus Christ was crucified at Golgotha, “the place of the skull.” Today, we have our own Golgotha: the abortion clinic, where two thousand years after the Crucifixion, His image is violently destroyed, again and again, by abortion.

That’s why, for the last six years, the Pro-Life Action League has marked Good Friday with a pro-life “Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion” at our local Planned Parenthood.

We’ve found this activity to be such a blessing, one of our favorite pro-life activities of the year, and last year, the event went nationwide with services taking place in 29 cities across the country.

This year, we’d like to see it grow even more, so we’re calling on pro-lifers like you to join us in hosting a “Way of the Cross for Victims of Abortion” at your local abortion facility.

And, we’re providing you with all the tools you need using this link  to make it happen in your area, including an ecumenical prayer service book, templates to promote your event through e-mail and in churches, advice on practical considerations and more!

The Pro-Life Action League was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980 with the aim of saving unborn children through non-violent direct action.

We are doing all we can to stop the killing and the exploitation. Some of our key activities are: Abortion Clinic Presence, Public Protest, Confronting the Abortionists, Promoting and Defending Activism,Youth Outreach and Broadcasting the Pro-Life Message.

The Pope, the President, and the Right to Life

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Pope Francis and President Obama met in Rome, and the meeting has naturally generated commentary, both before and after the fact, including by the President himself at the National Prayer Breakfast last month.

I am confident that the meeting itself will bear good fruit. I am not so confident that the commentary about it will bear as much fruit.

What I mean is that I believe we are heading for a media and blogosphere circus in which commentary after commentary will reinforce the error that we can promote “human rights” and “social justice” while ignoring the most fundamental right of the most vulnerable people: the right to life of the children in the womb.

It’s not because I think the Pope or his advisors aren’t fully committed to protecting them. They certainly are. And I have had the privilege of conversing with the Pope about the pro-life efforts of the Church.

But there is a profound contradiction between Obama’s position in favor of abortion and the Church’s position against it, and my concern arises from the fact that so much commentary makes light of this contradiction, either by saying it’s not important, or by pretending it’s not there.

And sometimes this impression is given in commentary even by those who share the Church’s pro-life position.

Miguel Diaz, a Catholic theologian who served as Obama’s ambassador to the Vatican until recently, commented, “Some said that under [Pope John Paul II] and [President Ronald Reagan] there was a meeting of the minds, and it’s potentially true again under Obama and Francis around the issues of social justice.”

But in reality, that is not potentially true at all.

The contradiction between Obama’s position and the Pope’s position on the right to life is a contradiction about the very core and foundation of social justice. Without the right to life, everything else falls. Pope Francis himself made reference to this in his recent Apostolic Exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, when he said,

“[D]efense of unborn life is closely linked to the defense of each and every other human right. It involves the conviction that a human being is always sacred and inviolable…Once this conviction disappears, so do solid and lasting foundations for the defense of human rights, which would always be subject to the passing whims of the powers that be.” (n. 213)

Pope John Paul II, about to be canonized as a saint, made a similar point 25 years ago in another Apostolic Exhortation, Christifideles Laici,

"[T]he common outcry, which is justly made on behalf of human rights -- for example, the right to health, to home, to work, to family, to culture -- is false and illusory if the right to life, the most basic and fundamental right and the condition for all other personal rights, is not defended with maximum determination." (n. 38)

And Cardinal Renato Martino, who served as President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, that is, the Vatican’s office charged with fostering the understanding and pursuit of social justice within the whole Church, explained,

"The Holy Father speaks of the protection of life as the fundamental realization and respect for human rights. Without that realization, without that respect for the right to life, no other discussion of human rights can continue." (Interview on EWTN, 2004.)

That’s the kind of commentary we need to see about the discussion between the President and the Pope.

Study: Pro-Life Parental Notification Laws Reduce Abortions 15%

by Steven Ertelt 

Michael New, Ph.D., an assistant professor at the University of Alabama, recently published a study on abortion in State Politics and Policy Quarterly demonstrating the effectiveness of pro-life laws. The study, “Analyzing the Effect of Anti-Abortion U.S. State Legislation in the Post-Casey Era,” evaluated abortion data from nearly every state over a span of 21 years, from 1985 to 2005 – a longer period than nearly any other peer-reviewed study. It contributes to a substantial body of social science research which finds that parental involvement laws and public funding restrictions are effective.

New found in his study that data from both the Centers for Disease Control and the Guttmacher Institute provide solid evidence that Medicaid abortion funding restrictions, parental involvement laws and informed consent laws effectively lower abortion rates. His findings included that parental involvement laws reduce in-state abortion rates for minors by approximately 15 percent. This is among the first peer reviewed studies which shows that informed consent laws have an effect.

“Planned Parenthood and many groups on the Catholic Left often argue that pro-life laws are ineffective,” New told LifeNews.com. “They claim that contraception spending and more generous welfare benefits are the best ways to reduce abortion rates. In reality, however, there is virtually no peer reviewed research, analyzing actual abortion data, which finds that more spending on either contraception or welfare has any effect on the incidence of abortion.”

continue reading at http://www.lifenews.com

Three Big Virtue & Chastity Events In Waco Coming Soon.

From John Pisciotta
Director of Pro-Life Waco

Three big chastity events in Waco
1. For college age: Monday, March-31, 7 pm @ Baylor
2. For adults: Saturday, April 5, 9 am to 4 pm @ Reicher High School
3. For youths (grades 7-12): Saturday April 5, 6:30 to 9 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish Hall
(Note: Adults welcome at all event.)

1. For college age: Monday, March-31, 7 pm at Baylor
Robbins Chapel in Brooks Residential Hall (Baylor campus near I-35). Generation Life Missionaries are presenting this program as well as the third program listed here. This Generation Life team is part of a movement of young adults committed to building a Culture of Life by educating their peers on pro-life and chastity messages.  The program title is Sex, Love, and Authentic Virtue: How to Live with Passion and Conviction. See a short video of these outstanding young men and women here. Members of the Generation Life team are recent college graduates.

 They will perform skits, sing, talk and interact with the audience. Sponsored by Anglican Student Ministries, Baylor Bears for Life, and Catholic Student Association. You can get additional information at www.thrivetexas.org & www.generationlife.org,

 2. For adults: Saturday, April 5, 9 am to 4 pm @ Reicher High School
Strategies to Protect Your Teenagers Innocence” is a program offered by Reicher Catholic High School to all who wish to attend. Saturday, April 5, 9 am to 4 pm at Reicher High School (2102 N. 23rd Street), Room 117. A book by Jason Evert, Raising Pure Teens, will be used in the program. Fee of $10 (for individual or couple) to cover materials. You may bring a sack lunch or place an order for lunch at the beginning of the day. Rev. John Guzaldo will open the program and the main presenter will be Dr. Sandra Hapenney. Call 752-8349 to register and ask questions.
 3. For youths (grades 7-12): Saturday April 5, 6:30 to 9 pm @ Sacred Heart Parish Hall
Thrive! chastity event in Waco on Saturday, April 5. 6:30 to 9 p.m.
The Generation Life team returns to Waco for an outstanding program for youngsters in grades 7-12. The location is Sacred Heart Church Hall at 2621 Bagby Ave. The presenters are the Generation Life team pictured above. This will be a very innovated approach for a presentation on sex, love, and authentic virtue. This program is sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Austin and CareNet Pregnancy Center of Central Texas. You can get additional information at www.thrivetexas.org & www.generationlife.org.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Clinic Worker Films Her Own Abortion In Bizarre Video

 By Lauren Enriquez
Live Action News

Earlier this year, the Abortion Care Network sponsored a video contest. The aim of the videos submitted was to “bust the stigma” associated with abortion. Many abortion advocates contend that it is strictly stigma, created by pro-lifers, that causes the shame that women feel after experiencing abortion. Blaming pro-life advocacy for the normal effects of abortion on women is a cheap tactic that doesn’t actually help women who are struggling with painful — sometimes traumatic — emotions after they choose abortion. But apparently, some women took the bait and submitted their videos. One of them was Emily Letts, who is an abortion counselor at Cherry Hill Women’s Center in New Jersey.

The video opens with Emily explaining her feelings and justification for the abortion. Giggling, she says “Yeah, I’m gonna be having an abortion tomorrow morning!” Emily’s video includes (non-graphic) filming during the abortion. The experience was anomalous compared with the recorded testimonies of many post-abortive women. The doctor was extremely friendly, Emily was smiling the whole time, and two clinic workers were present on either side of Emily to hold her hands during her child’s death.


article continues at http://liveactionnews.org


Chattahoochee Valley United For Life Calls For Investigation Into Columbus Facility

By Naomi Keitt 
WRBL News 3

COLUMBUS, Ga. - A local Right to Life group is calling for an investigation at a Columbus women's health facility that performs abortions. The group says they have evidence of unsatisfactory conditions at the clinic.

"Women are not being cared for like they need to be cared for," said Theresa Spenney .

It's a major concern for the members of the organization, Chattahoochee Valley United for Life. They gathered in front of the Columbus Women's Health Organization Wednesday morning to call for more oversight and an inspection of the facility. Representatives say they have reached out to the Department of Public Health, Department of Community Health and state legislators with their concerns.

"We want to make sure that they're following the laws and protecting the women that go in there so that's all we want," said Spenney.

The group has a list of concerns like, "Are safety precautions and protocols being followed? Are the conditions inside up to code?" These questions come after they say they did their own investigation of the facility. The group also claims they receive frequent reports from women who are not satisfied with the care the received. Sound Choices, a free pregnancy clinic, was also represented at the news conference. They say they want to make sure clinics across the state comply with safety regulations.

continue reading at http://www.wrbl.com

Wendy Davis, Let’s Talk

By Patti Maguire Armstrong
Catholic Stand

Hey Wendy, that was some filibuster you did as a state senator, last summer. Wow! 11 hours of non-stop talking in an attempt to defeat a bill that would stop abortion on unborn babies capable of feeling pain. Yet, in spite of all that talking, the bill did pass. Don’t blame yourself though. There were surely a few prayer-filibusters going on at the same time.
 In spite of your failure, you became a pro-abortion superstar. And thanks to some powerful friends, you are now the Democratic nomination for governor of Texas. One of those friends is Cecil Richards, the head of Planned Parenthood (PP) whose mother was the last Democratic governor in Texas. Richards wants to pull out all the stops to fight against what she describes as “an unprecedented attack on a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions, including whether to have an abortion.”  And you are now her new BFF in this venture. She thinks your determination to keep the suction machines operating is going to keep the wheels of PP rolling in Texas. I must admit, you’ve got some great sound bites using your past struggle as a single mother, (even with the exaggerations exposed) as the reason for being passionate about a women’s legal right to abortion.

 Patti Maguire Armstrong and her husband have ten children. She is an award-winning author and was managing editor and co-author of Ascension Press’s Amazing Grace Series. She has just released 2 new books. Big Hearted: Inspiring Stories from Everyday Families is a collection of stories on love and life. Dear God, I Don't Get It is children's fiction that presents faith through a fun and exciting story.

Is There a “Right” to Birth Control?

by Joe Hargrave
for Crisis Magazine

 The Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Tuesday from opposing legal counsel on the HHS contraception mandate cases. The media consensus appears to be that the justices were hard on the mandate and appear likely to issue a narrow ruling exempting “closely-held” corporations, which both of the plaintiffs are, while leaving open the question of whether or not publicly-traded corporations have First Amendment rights. The distinction is relevant since closely-held corporations are directly operated by their owners and are fairly limited in the number of shareholders they typically have, while public corporations have hundreds or thousands of shareholders. The smaller the group of ultimate decision-makers, the stronger the case that a corporation can in fact exercise religion.

Of course conservative Catholics and Protestants, along with other members of our society that value natural law morality and individual liberty, are hoping that the court rules in favor of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties. A victory on First Amendment grounds would certainly allay widespread concerns that religious liberty in the United States is at death’s door. Elane Photography’s case, which may also be heard by the Supreme Court this year, would certainly benefit from a Supreme Court ruling establishing the religious rights of businesses. There would be cause for relaxed breathing, if not jubilation, should a tide of court rulings firmly put the brakes on the “progressive” juggernaut smashing its way through traditional America via the lower courts—especially after the Supreme Court’s ruling on DOMA and California’s Proposition 8 (though in fairness, the ruling was not devastating for social conservatism).

 continue reading at http://www.crisismagazine.com

 Joe Hargrave is an adjunct professor of political science at Rio Salado Community College in Tempe, Arizona.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Are Americans About To Lose Their Religious Freedom?

From Lila Rose
Live Action News

It will be a while before we get a decision from the Supreme Court regarding today's oral arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby.  But I was on the steps of the Court yesterday, while those arguments were happening.  And what I saw was a crowd of people passionate about their right to live their faith – and their right not to pay for child-killing drugs.

 Let's clear up some confusion: the Hobby Lobby case is not a "contraceptive" matter, even though so many in the mainstream media portray it that way.  This is a matter of our government forcing people to pay for abortifacient drugs – chemicals that destroy an innocent human being in her first stages of life.

There were plenty of Planned Parenthood protesters at the Supreme Court yesterday, too.  They had a lot to say (and loudly!), but they seem to be confused about a few things.

 1. The Hobby Lobby case isn't about contraception.  In fact, Hobby Lobby's insurance covers over a dozen forms of birth control.  It's the abortifacients – "emergency contraception" and IUDs, which are built to destroy a human embryo in case of conception – that the company opposes.

2. Even so, fertility is not a disease, and contraception is not health care.  Contraceptive hormone drugs act with the false understanding that a woman's fertility – her ability to house, nurture, and nourish new life – is a "dysfunction" that needs "correcting."  This mentality tells women that the way their bodies are supposed to work is wrong, and that they must rely on government, or a pharmaceutical company, or Planned Parenthood, to "fix" them...using a chemical the World Health Organization has labeled a Group I carcinogen.

3. Abortion drugs should not be legal.  Just like contraceptives, abortifacients don't "cure" anything, no matter how much abortion advocates try to dehumanize the innocent pre-born child into some sort of disease.  Wouldn't you expect health insurance plans to cover things that improve a person's health?  Abortifacients don't do that – instead of healing, they kill.  And they're no picnic for the mothers who use them, either.

When I spoke at the Supreme Court yesterday, I was gratified to see so many people standing up for the quintessentially American freedom to act according to their well-formed consciences.  You can join the fight by visiting Hobby Lobby's Facebook page and expressing your support.  Even a small gesture can make a big difference.

Dear Kinda, Sorta, Maybe Pro-Life Candidates

by Kristi Burton Brown
Live Action News

As another election cycle begins in earnest, some pro-life candidates are playing political games. One common argument making the rounds is that campaigns are not “focused on social issues.” The all-important economy is the focus.

Where does a focus on the economy and a neglect of vital social issues get us? In the past, it’s gotten us slavery and discrimination. It gave Germany the Holocaust. When moral people focus on the economy and put their blinders on for social issues, do we think our opposition ignores the social issues?

No. That’s why slavery continued and the Holocaust began. The opposition doesn’t let up. They don’t ignore social issues for the sake of the economy. They claim their side of the social issues is imperative to the success of the economy. They use pro-lifers’ social issue blindness to advance their own cause. They don’t hold up a white flag and say, “Sure, let’s all just forget about abortion for awhile.” Instead, they laugh at our folly and floor the gas pedal on their own advance.

Kinda, maybe, sorta pro-life candidates are emerging where true leaders once stood. Instead of finding a concise, courageous way to explain their convictions, they deny they ever had them.

“The voters have spoken…the question is settled.”

continue reading at http://liveactionnews.org

 Kristi Burton Brown is a pro-life attorney, volunteering for Life Legal Defense Foundation and also as an allied attorney for Alliance Defending Freedom.

Eric Holder’s Wife, Sharon Malone Holder, Co-Owner of Abortion Facility

Facility Engages in Apparent Non-Legal Abortion Activity

 From Freedom Outpost

While the media and the administration continue to stand by without covering, denouncing or even commenting on the brutal, heinous and disgusting abortionist Kermit Gosnell's murder trial, information has uncovered that Eric Holder's wife, Sharon Malone Holder, a practicing OB/Gyn, co-owns an Atlanta area abortion clinic building with her sister, where an abortion doctor is under indictment for Medicaid fraud.

The Gosnell investigation and trial has further uncovered many other unscrupulous, murderous and law-breaking abortion mills in our nation, and therefore poses an extreme threat to the viscous feminist lie that abortions, when "legal, accessible, government funded and affordable," are also safe.

The administration, along with their Marxist partners in crime in the mainstream media, have been completely silent about the atrocities occurring at the Gosnell "house of horrors", because they are large beneficiaries of the infanticide loving Planned Parenthood, and likewise profit the cause of abortion all the way to the White House.