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Sunday, August 13, 2017

If Stericycle Doesn’t ‘Accept Fetuses’ Anymore, Then Who’s Hauling Away the ‘Dead Bodies’?

By Kelli
Live Action News

Medical waste disposal company Stericycle, servicing health facilities nationwide, recently disclosed that it has ceased doing business with multiple abortion facilities.

Pro-life group Created Equal began putting public pressure on Stericycle in 2016, asking the company to end its involvement in disposing of the fetal remains from abortion facilities, including Planned Parenthood centers. After a lengthy campaign, Created Equal received a response from Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto on June 1, 2017, that reads:

In addition to complying with all laws and regulations, the waste acceptance policy clearly specifies that Stericycle does not accept fetuses. While your organization may argue that our policy applies only to intact fetuses, we interpret and apply the policy more broadly to include all fetal remains.

Stericycle’s “policy” on not accepting fetal remains is surprising, as the company was seen at abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood as recently as last year, even after the start of Created Equal’s campaign. Alutto continued (emphasis added):
Beyond our policy, we require supplemental assurances in writing that they (health care facilities) have licensed providers for fetal remains.
When customers are not willing to provide this certification, we do not provide services. We have cancelled hundreds of contracts with women’s clinics since this certification process was implemented several years ago.
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