Friday, September 16, 2016

NJ Election Spotlight: 18th Legislative District Senate Race

from Marie Tasy, Executive Director
New Jersey Right to Life

Important State Election - 18th District Senate Race

In addition to the Federal Election which will take place on November 8, 2016, there is one very important State Senate race that many people are not aware is taking place. That race is in the 18th legislative district.

Pro-life Republican Roger Daley is running for State Senate in the 18th legislative district. Roger Daley is a Retired Pro-Life Judge from Middlesex County who is seeking the support of pro-life voters in the 18th district. He has a long history in the Right to Life community.

Roger was the first attorney in New Jersey to represent the dedicated Right to Life citizens who saved countless lives by organizing sit-ins outside abortion clinics. He represented hundreds of these pro-life citizens pro bono.

As a Middlesex County freeholder, he introduced a Right to Life resolution at the freeholder board meeting, blocked any funding for Planned Parenthood and kept Planned Parenthood out of the Middlesex County Correctional Facility. He was also a co-founder with Dick Traynor of the Legal Center of the Defense of Life in Morristown New Jersey. As a Superior Court Judge, Judge Daley had a reputation as a defender of life and the family. Roger deserves our support. He is running against Pro-Abortion Democratic Senator Patrick Diegnan, who was appointed to fill the seat vacated by Democratic Senator Peter Barnes early this year. Senator Barnes was appointed to become a Superior Court Judge in Middlesex County early this year.

As an Assemblyman, Patrick Diegnan repeatedly voted to support using our tax dollars to fund the Planned Parenthood abortion business and is a very vocal and strong supporter of legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide, having voted for it in the Assembly in November of 2015. If you live in the 18th district or have pro-life friends or family who do, please spread the word and be sure to volunteer and vote for Roger Daly.

The 18th district covers towns in Middlesex County which include East Brunswick, Edison, Helmetta, Highland Park, South Plainfield, Metuchen and South River.

New Jersey Right to Life is the state’s largest and most active pro-life, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting and fostering the most basic value of our society – human life. As the premier pro-life organization in NJ, we continue to lead the effort on all public policy matters concerning the sanctity of human life at the state and federal level. We promote, uphold, and support reverence and respect for all innocent human life from conception to natural death, without regard to condition, or circumstances of conception, quality, age, race, religion, creed, or color, whether born or pre-born.  For more information or to make a donation to help them with their work, please use this link.

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