Sunday, May 29, 2016

Planned Parenthood Worker Quits After She Was Told to Lie to Sell More Abortions


“80 to 90% of women, when they see 
their babies on a sonogram, choose life.”

By Sarah Terzo
Live Action News

Angie was a nurse practitioner at a Texas Planned Parenthood. Her facility did not commit abortions, and Angie was never wholeheartedly committed to abortion. Her turning point— the incident that drove her to quit Planned Parenthood—started when a woman who was 20 weeks along in a wanted pregnancy came to the location.

Angie shared her story in a December 21 webcast by And Then There Were None, about why she had deep reservations. She explained that the woman was 20 weeks pregnant, and bleeding. Due to the situation, she took out her own Doppler and listened for the child’s heartbeat:

[I] listened for heart tones and didn’t hear any heart tones. So I told her I’m concerned, I think you may have a fetal demise so I’m going to send you over to the emergency room across the highway and she ended up calling me a couple of days later to me know that she had a fetal demise and ended up, they had to, of course, induce her labor… So she was very grateful for what I had done.

Angie had treated the woman with common courtesy and compassion, checking to see if her baby was still alive and sending her for competent medical care when it was discovered that her baby had passed on. But several days later, she was rebuked for allowing the mother to listen along for the baby’s heartbeat.

[T]he head nurse practitioner of Planned Parenthood North Texas stomped into my office and said, “Who do you think you are, allowing someone to listen to their baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler?

And I said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” and she said, “Don’t lie, we know you did it.” And I said, “Are you talking about the lady who came in we didn’t hear the heartbeat on, because we found out her baby was a fetal demise?”

And she said yes. “Somebody in the clinic told me that you were using a Doppler. We didn’t issue you that piece of equipment.”

It was clear that equipment to measure a preborn baby’s heartbeat was not welcome at Planned Parenthood.

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