Monday, November 17, 2014

Life Wins!

Majority of Voters Recognize that the Real “War on Women” Comes from the Abortion Industry

The Goliaths of the Abortion Industry took a real tumble as pro-life Davids across the country faced incredible odds, almost unlimited bank accounts and massive media support, exemplified by candidates like Texas’ Wendy Davis, California’s Sandra Fluke and Colorado Senator Mark Udall who all attempted to win election by waging a false “war on women.” But voters said NO to the abortion lobby’s favorites and the radical abortion activism they and others represented.
AUL Action President and CEO Dr. Charmaine Yoest noted, “We have broken the blockade of the abortion-obsessed Harry Reid Senate and can move forward with priorities like the No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act and the Five Month Abortion Limit, as well as the full repeal of the abortion-ridden Affordable Care Act.”

During the campaign, AUL Action was front and center, reaching out to voters in 9 key senate races through thousands of robocalls, e-blasts and social media outreach as well as mobilizing pro-life voters nationwide.

Not only did voters accept AUL Action's challenge to “Break the Blockade” erected around the U.S. Senate against pro-life legislation, their efforts helped propel pro-life candidates to historic victories in the U.S. House, Governors’ offices and state legislatures across the country.

Writing for the Washington Times, AUL General Counsel Ovide Lamontagne noted, “With the recent collapse of the liberal establishment’s favorite ‘war on women’ screed, it’s time to acknowledge a little discussed political truth: Life is a winning issue. Indeed, regardless of whether citizens describe themselves as ‘pro-life’ or ‘pro-choice,’ there is much upon which most can agree when it comes to applying common sense, even to such a volatile and controversial issue as abortion.”

Life By the Numbers 
Post election polling by The Polling Company/ WomanTrend revealed, "23% of voters said that the abortion issue affected their vote and voted for candidates who oppose abortion. This compares to just 16% who said abortion affected their vote and voted for candidates who favor abortion, yielding a 7% advantage for pro-life candidates."

That same poll found that 10% of voters recalled hearing or seeing information about the election from AUL Action!

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