Sunday, January 4, 2015

Suffering in Silence: The Siblings of Aborted Babies

by Mariel Sofia Lindsay
Live Action News

When we consider the effects of abortion, we usually think of those most directly affected: the mother, the father, the aborted child. But abortion’s effects are much more far-reaching and insidious. Siblings of those aborted often suffer very real feelings of loss and grief.

I remember the first time I talked to someone who told me she had an aborted sibling. She was my college roommate, and she was an only child. Sort of. She admitted to me that she was supposed to have a brother three years her senior. Their mother had aborted him at four months’ gestation after repeated demands to do so by her boyfriend.

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Mariel Sofia Lindsay is a twenty-something writer/editor who lives in Austin, Texas with her young daughter. She is currently working on a literary fiction novel and also writes pro-life opinion editorials for various publications.

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