Friday, January 23, 2015

Prayer and Witness on the Anniversary of Roe v Wade

By Brother Kenneth Reihl 

Yesterday many stood up with one voice to defend those with no voice. Across the nation many marched and prayed for the unborn and to stop abortions. As the Washington D.C. march was stepping off there was a smaller event just outside the Planned Parenthood building in Warminster, PA. The cold temp did not stop the prayer warriors from attending. The message was strong and the prayers stronger, armed with the shield of Christ Jesus and the Rosary the message was loud and powerful.

Many of the cars and trucks passing waved except one, as this young man in his early 20's passed he tapped his horn and when I looked over he was not waving but gave me a hand gesture. When I saw this I felt sorry for him and thought;  he is blessed because he could do this act directed to myself and the others there. The reason I thought of this is because if he were to have been aborted he would never have had been able to do this act. So with this said I prayed for him.

 I was happy to meet everyone there and Brother Dennis and I feel so blessed in doing so. While I was there I spoke to a few of the brothers and sisters and I told this story that I would like to share with you.

I know this couple before they were married and the Groom found out that the Bride was pregnant and that he was not the father. He went home and thought about it but decided that he would still marry her. After that they were married and had the child.

I was thinking of what the child's name was and then I remembered... His name was Jesus and with his parents Joseph and Mary were a wonderful family. Now my question was; what would have happened if he was aborted?? So with that said; each unborn that is murdered we also have to think, what would that child have done in life? Cured cancer? Saved a life? Would they have someday married and their children would have done something great? Makes you think...

Blessing to all who went across the country and for those who could not attend but were there in prayer and spirit..

Brother Kenneth Reihl is Bishop Abbot at Franciscan Order of the Divine Mercy and Sr. Pastor at St. Francis Lutheran Orthodox Church (North Arlington, NJ)

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