Friday, February 17, 2017

Video: Dr. Joel McGuirk and the Adult Stem Cell Revolution

from Charlotte Lozier Institute

The Charlotte Lozier Institute just released its sixth in its series of Stem Cell Research Facts videos. This story features the work of Dr. Joseph McGuirk, an adult stem cell expert at the University of Kansas Hospital, and tells the story of Chance Runnion’s recovery from leukemia after an adult stem cell transplant.

Dr. McGuirk has been treating cancer patients for 27 years. He has always been excited and optimistic about the future of his patients, but never like he is now. “Every day is an exciting day,” McGuirk says. “We are in the midst of a revolution in cancer medicine right now.”

Chance Runnion returned from a Caribbean cruise with family and friends and in short order a red dot on the inside of his right knee grew to the size of a softball. After getting it checked out, the diagnosis came back the same day: leukemia. The first thing Chance thought was, “I’m going to die.”

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