Saturday, December 27, 2014

All life matters: Jahi McMath’s journey

Jahi McMath is ALIVE.

By Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate

The very first column I filed in 2014 exposed the plight of a beautiful young girl, the same age as my daughter, whom medical experts declared “brain dead” after a routine tonsillectomy gone wrong. Are you ready for the rest of the story?

Doctors told Jahi’s mom, Nailah Winkfield, that her child’s organs would “shut down” and her brain would “liquefy” if kept on life support. Hostile hospital administrators in Oakland moved to pull the plug on Jahi. Medical officials callously referred to Jahi as “dead, dead, dead” and dismissed the child as a “body.” Smug critics mocked and hounded the family to give up and let go. Jahi’s life, they concluded, was worthless.

But the experts and naysayers were wrong.

As Winkfield recently described in an open letter to supporters, “Jahi is physically stable. All of her organs are fully functional [and] her skin is flawless.” After inspecting her latest medical records, two respected neurologists testified in sworn declarations that she is not brain dead. Video released by her family shows her moving her arm and foot on command. A recent MRIshowed severe brain damage, “but it also shows brain structure and blood flow,” Winkfield noted.

“I was told previously that it would be liquefied or have holes in it because it had been without blood flow and oxygen for 9 months,” she recounted. “That is not the case with my daughter. Every person is different and every person heals differently.”

One year after callous and overconfident members of the medical and media establishments wrote Jahi’s life off, the now 14-year-old girl is surrounded by the love and care of her mom, dedicated medical professionals, and vigilant advocates for life.

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