Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pro-abortionists See 2014 as “A Terrible Year for Reproductive Rights"

By Dave Andrusko
National Right to Life News Today

Let’s take a few minutes to see why pro-abortion militant Armanda Marcotte believes “It’s Been a Terrible Year for Reproductive Rights.”

But we’re going to take her conclusion first because it’s the kind of question-begging argument that pro-abortionists specialize in. And then we will end where Marcotte began.

Pro-lifers and those who have no particular stake in the abortion issue have passed a great number of laws going back to 2011 that require that abortion clinics upgrade their physical plant (and therefore the safety of women); that they use the FDA recommended protocol for chemical abortions; that abortionists have admitting privileges at a local hospital so when there are the inevitable complications they can go with the woman to the hospital—to name just three.

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