Monday, December 29, 2014

Pro-lifers Working to Make Nigeria a ‘Safe Place’ for the Preborn

by Christina Martin
Live Action News

Save the Unborn Babies Pro-Life Initiative (STUB) is an organization founded by Nigerians deeply troubled by the rampant abortions taking place in their nation. Abortion is illegal in Nigeria except for cases where the mother’s life is at risk. The law applies a sentence of up to 14 years’ imprisonment on individuals who conduct an illegal abortion. However, Kelechi Anyaghara, co-founder of STUB, notes that abortion has became a norm in Nigeria, and those who perform them illegally aren’t prosecuted.

In December of 2012, Anyaghara surveyed Nigerian women on reasons why they chose abortion. Some of the reasons stated were a lack of knowledge on when life begins, fear of the social stigma associated with raising a child out of wedlock, risk of unemployment, poverty, interruptions to education, and promiscuity without knowledge of the child’s father. Since the government is lax on enforcing the law against illegal abortions, society accepts them, and the numbers increase. The Alan Guttmacher Institute reports that Nigerian women have approximately 610,000 abortions yearly, with 60 percent performed by non-physician providers. The Guttmacher report on abortion also states:

Although Nigerian law prohibits abortion except to save a woman’s life, the country’s abortion rate is higher than most Western European countries and similar to that of the United States where abortion is legal.

In Feb 2013, STUB was created by a team of leaders with the goal of enlightening Nigerians on the humanity of the preborn child and reducing abortions. STUB members held a 40 Days for Life prayercampaign that same year, which led to the saving of nine babies from abortion. Anyaghara told She World Mag that today, those nine mothers are very thankful that they chose life.

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