Wednesday, July 20, 2016

How Scientific Dishonesty and PC Cost Women’s Lives

By Angela Lanfranchi, MD FACS
Catholic Journal 

In the United States and throughout the world, thousands of women’s lives are lost annually to breast cancer due to scientific dishonesty and political correctness. Breast cancer is the most common of women’s cancers and the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. Breast cancer strikes many women who are the heart of their families, leaving children without mothers and husbands without wives. Women and their physicians are commonly misinformed about the factors that increase and decrease their risk of breast cancer. Abortion and hormonal contraception increase the risk of breast cancer, but scientific dishonesty has prevented this vital information from reaching most women.

The corruption of medicine by political influence is nothing new. In 1860, Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes, a physician, essayist and father of the celebrated U.S. jurist, in an address to the Massachusetts Medical Society, stated, “Theoretically, [medicine] ought to go on its own straight-forward inductive path without regard to changes of government or to fluctuations of public opinion. . . . The truth is that medicine, professionally founded on observation, is as sensitive to outside influences, societal, religious, philosophical, imaginative, as the barometer is to the changes of atmospheric pressure.” That powerful statement remains true of medicine today.

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