Friday, July 22, 2016

Proclaiming the Message of Life

from Priests for Life 

Preaching and teaching about the sanctity of life from the pulpit or other catechetical settings can be a challenge- yet essential- undertaking for any pastor, deacon or pro-life advocate. 

In Proclaiming the Message of Life, Fr. Frank Pavone systematically guides clergy and laity alike through the pro-life themes found in the Sunday readings of all three cycles of the lectionary. 

He also provides a clear message to all those who are passionate about supporting life at every phase. Drawing from God's Word, he gives rich spiritual sustenance to energize, motivate and encourage you to proclaim the message of life without fear.

 Listen to Proclaiming the Message of Life here

Priests for Life works to ensure that clergy of all denominations become more united, purposeful, and strong so that those who promote the culture of death will not get away with what they are trying to do. For more information on this organization, please use this link.

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