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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Planned Parenthood has a Friend in Bob Casey

by Barney Byrne

Senator Bob Casey (D-Pa), shows his true colors in voting against HR 2577 ,which would have funded fiscal 2017 budgets for transportation, veterans, military construction, housing, funds to fight the Zika virus. 

 He sold out all these good programs because the bill would have denied Planned Parenthood additional tax dollars. He professes to be personally pro-life but constantly panders to the Abortion industry in his support for Planned Parenthood and their campaign donations. 

 He is willing to throw our veterans, our infrastructure and anything else under the bus, in order to cater to the Abortion lobby. What does it say to the character of a politician who says they are personally opposed to Abortion and yet spends their whole time in office serving those who are against the right to life?

 He and all the other Abortion beholding politicians profess to say they must support Planned Parenthood in order to protect the access of good medical care to women. This is absurd. There are thousands of other medical facilities that will provide all the medical procedures that women receive at Planned Parenthood, minus abortion. 

It is way past time for the voting public to rid our government of these politicians, who profess one belief but vote another. How many more times will the Democrats deny benefits to the rest of our citizens by holding up funds for other programs, in order to enrich their political backers.

Barney Byrne is a resident of Doylestown Township in Central Bucks County, PA. 

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