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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Couple Adopts 5 Siblings to Keep Them Together: “All They Have in the World is Each Other”

By Erin Parfet
Life News

Curt and Brenda Heuer of Prescott, Arizona opened their home and hearts to numerous children in need over the past decade, fostering 52 children, CBSNews reports.

Recently, the couple adopted five of those children — siblings ranging from ages 2 to 9 — to keep them from being separated by the foster system.
“Due to the circumstances, knowing these children would likely be separated, and that’s all they had left in this world is each other – it’s just heartbreaking,” Brenda Heuer told CBSNews. “We didn’t want to see that happen. 
The children came from an abusive home, but seem to be adjusting well to their new circumstances. Boating, camping, traveling, Disneyland trips, and photo shoots with smiles in front of the family Christmas tree have been documented by CBS News.

Here’s more from the report:

We always tried to cater to the larger sibling group of children to keep them together,” Brenda told CBS News.

Two years ago, the Heuers took in a family of five, four girls and a boy.  As time passed, the Heuers were starting to realize that the kids had nowhere else to go. Their father had been killed, their mother severed ties with the family years ago and relatives were unable to care for so many children.

Life News story of the Heuers and their five foster children continues

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