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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Woman with Down Syndrome Becomes a Business Owner

By Karis Burton Brown
Live Action News

At a time when France is taking major steps to stomp down the humanity of people with Down syndrome, Collette Divitto is showing true beauty to the world. Collette has Down syndrome, but that hasn’t prevented her from becoming a homegrown success story. At the age of 26, Collette has already accomplished more than many do in a lifetime.

When Collette was rejected by potential employers after she applied for jobs, she came up with an even better idea: why not start her own business? Already, Collettey’s Cookies is a local sensation — accepting online delivery orders, gaining a spot on the shelves at Golden Goose Market, baking with “secret” recipes like any successful food enterprise, and advocating for individuals with disabilities. Collette herself is learning further business skills as a fellow with the Institute for Community Inclusion.

CBS Boston shared Collette with the world, telling her story just before Thanksgiving, 2016.

Collette’s mom nearly beams with pride as she discusses the entrepreneurship of her Millennial daughter, who, she explains, has found a way to walk through new doors when the typical ones are shut in her face. (And there’s certainly something to be said for Collette, who is a member of a generation generally accused of laziness and poor work ethic.)

According to her mother, Collette doesn’t see Collettey’s Cookies as a way to personal riches or personal success. Instead, her desire is to reach the world beyond herself. CBS Boston reports: 

“She’s never accepted her disability,” her mom said. “She’s kind of stepped into this role of trying to inspire and motivate other people.”

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