Thursday, December 29, 2016

Illinois Judge Halts State’s Free Speech Assault on Pro-Life Docs, Clinics

By Jay Hobbs
National Right to Life News Today

Pro-life advocates in Illinois are celebrating the first of what they hope to be many victories in the fight against a new state law that would force pro-life doctors, nurses and pregnancy centers to refer patients for abortions, following a preliminary injunction handed down late last Tuesday.

The injunction, granted by Judge Eugene Doherty of the 17th Judicial Circuit Court in Winnebago County, halts a 2016 change in Illinois’ Healthcare Right of Conscience Act that would have forced pro-life medical professionals and nonprofits to refer patients directly to abortion businesses upon request.

Applying only to the named defendants in Pregnancy Care Center of Rockford, et al. v. Bruce Rauner et al, the preliminary injunction could set the stage for good news in a broader case challenging the law in federal court.

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