Thursday, March 23, 2017

Abortionist: Stop Telling Me “You’re Not Really a Christian” Just Because I Abort Babies

True Christian compassion involves sacrificing to help the most vulnerable people in society, including babies in the womb.

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

Abortionist Willie Parker has made quite a name for himself by claiming that his Christian faith is what inspires him to keep killing unborn babies.

In a new interview with the Alabama Media Group, Parker said he has done “thousands” of abortions at his abortion practices in the South. Claiming the moral high ground, Parker said he provides abortions to women because so many other doctors won’t.

“I believe that what I do is rooted in justice, is rooted in love, is rooted in honesty and integrity,” Parker said. “Those are values that, for me are reinforced by my Christian understanding …”

Parker repeatedly links his life-destroying work to Christianity. He once described his abortion practice as a “ministry.” After the November election, Parker compared himself to the biblical character Job, a faithful servant of God who suffered intense pain and loss inflicted by Satan.

Parker told the Alabama news outlet that people constantly tell him that he is not really a Christian because he does abortions.

Then, he criticized pro-life Christians:

“It seems to me that it has become more important for those people to discredit my authenticity as a Christian than they are irritated by the fact that I perform abortions. I think that it would make more sense if I weren’t a person of faith because then they would say of course he performs abortions, he’s a heathen. He’s morally bankrupt. He’s either amoral or immoral. But it’s more problematic that I too identify as a Christian and I embrace the compassion that I find to be in that tradition. And that compassion leads me to act on behalf of others instead of judging them.”

Blogger's Note:
Jesus loves children, born and unborn. As the Creator, every life is precious to Him, including a child in the womb. It's impossible to be a Christian and support the killing of unborn babies.  Abortion is in direct violation of God's command, "Thou shalt not kill". 

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil." Isaiah 5:20

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