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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Man Arrested for Threatening to Kill Pro-Life Advocates Outside Abortion Clinic

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

Police in Florida arrested a man after he allegedly threatened to kill a pro-life sidewalk counselor outside a St. Petersburg abortion clinic.

WFLA News reports police arrested Bradley J. Palmer, 18, of St. Petersburg, and charged him with felony aggravated assault.

Police said the incident occurred on March 11 outside an abortion clinic on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg, Florida. According to court records, Palmer was headed into the abortion clinic with his girlfriend when two pro-lifers began talking to them about alternatives to abortion and offering them pro-life pamphlets. Palmer allegedly began swearing at the pro-lifers and then threatened to kill one of them, according to police.

Here’s more from the report:

According to investigators, Palmer then opened his trunk and showed what the victims thought was a rifle. One of the victims called police, who responded to the scene and searched Palmer’s trunk. The officer says he found an air rifle that looked like a shotgun at first.

Palmer later told authorities that he threatened to fight the pro-lifer but did not threaten to kill him, according to court records.

A similar incident occurred last month in Ventura, California when a man, Brandon Beechum, 30, allegedly threatened to kill a pro-lifer with a knife outside of a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

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