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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Socialist Group Celebrates Planned Parenthood, Brags About Silencing Pro-Lifers

By Danny David
Live Action News

In a rather odd piece of propaganda published on March 6, 2017, a Socialist group sang the praises of America’s biggest abortion business and promoted the silencing of opposing views, namely pro-life views. Not exactly surprising, but revealing.
Socialist Worker, a publication of the International Socialist Organization – a group which openly identifies with Lenin, Trotsky, and Marx – reports that prior to the kickoff of this year’s 40 Days for Life, the International Socialist Organization called for a pro-abortion counter-protest outside a San Francisco Planned Parenthood.
In the Socialist Worker article, authors Emma Wilde Botta and Bruno Ruviaro attempt to discredit 40 Days for Life on religious grounds, referring to it as a “national campaign of religious anti-choice activists.” 
Apparently, they are not aware (or more likely, not willing to admit to readers) that despite 40 Days for Life’s faith-based aspects such as joining in prayer, some secular pro-lifers participate in 40 Days for Life in their own way. 

The authors are also apparently not aware that even if 40 Days for Life were 100% religious, slamming the religious orientation of the pro-lifer is not a quality argument against the science and logic behind his or her position on abortion. But as usual, the pro-abortion side would rather argue about non-issues than address the real problems.

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