Monday, March 27, 2017

Newborn Baby Girl Rescued After She Was Buried Alive by Her Parents Who Wanted a Boy

By Micaiah Bilger
Life News

Discrimination against girls through abortion and infanticide is rampant in India.

This week, the India Times reported another horrifying abuse case where a newborn baby girl allegedly was buried alive by her parents, likely because she was a girl. According to the report, the family already had five older daughters.

Someone rescued the baby girl on Saturday in the Jajpur district of Odisha, India after seeing her feet move above the ground, according to the report. Authorities said the newborn girl immediately was taken to the hospital; her umbilical cord still was attached. None of the reports indicate if charges have been filed against the parents.

Here’s more from The Indian Express:

“An ASHA worker of Anjira panchayat came to the CHC with the rescued baby girl. The newborn is believed to be between 4 and 6 hours old. The girl was in a critical condition. We immediately started her treatment and stabilized her condition,” said Chintamani Mishra, Medical officer of Dharmasala CHC.
“The baby was buried upside down. She was wrapped in a cloth. We found two small feet above the ground and believed that the baby was alive,” said Alok Ranjan Rout, who rescued the infant.
In the past few years, other reports of girls being buried alive by their families also have surfaced in India. In 2012, the BBC reported the father and uncle of a newborn girl were arrested after they allegedly tried to bury the girl alive in Pilkhua, India. In that case, a graveyard caretaker rescued the girl.

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