Sunday, March 19, 2017

Is an Unborn Baby a Human Being? Planned Parenthood: “It’s Up to Each Individual to Decide”

By Jay Hobbs
Life News

To: Dawn Laguens, Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer for Planned Parenthood

Ms. Laguens,

You don’t know me and there’s very little chance you’ve ever heard of me, but in any case, I want to make a public appeal to you.

It’s my sincere hope and ambition to make this plea without a hint of rancor or irony, but rather, from a place of genuine brokenness and an assured hope that the God who made all things is well capable of changing your heart and willing to do just that.

As my wife and I watched your recent interview with Tucker Carlson together last night, I found myself fascinated at just how intent you were to avoid his main question—on the moral value of a human being in her mother’s womb—and return to your main messaging. You want the world to know and believe, as I’m convinced you do (at least to a very high degree) that Planned Parenthood stands for choice and women’s reproductive health care.

When Carlson pressed you to tell him your moral judgment of what, exactly, a preborn human being is, you were on point: “I think that’s up to each individual to decide what they believe, but one in three women in this country have an abortion during their lifetime, and obviously, they are making their own choice. What I’m here to talk about today is that the [GOP healthcare plan] will take away millions of cancer screenings and birth control for women in this country.”

Now, before going further, I need to stop and point out (though I’m certain you already know this) that even the pro-abortion fact-checkers at the Washington Post have debunked the claim that one in three U.S. women get an abortion as a 4-Pinocchio lie—the most dishonest rating they have at their disposal.

The Post was slightly more lenient on the claim that Planned Parenthood offers cancer screenings, tagging it as worthy of 3 Pinocchios just days before your president, Cecile Richards, admitted to Congress that your organization doesn’t do any mammograms at all. Further research has debunked your company’s claims that you offer prenatal care—with one of your site representatives even telling a pregnant woman that your brand name itself is “deceptive” since you’re not really in the business of enabling parenthood.

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