Saturday, March 11, 2017

Pro-Life Waco Urgent Action Update

from John Pisciotta, Director of Pro-Life Waco

1. Pro-life titan from the Eastern left-coast to Speak at Second Sunday Pro-Life Gathering

This is a big event and I am cooking for YOU. I particularly appeal to all of you who came out for the first time to a pro-life event on February 11 at the HWY 6 construction site. Never Again in Waco needs you. Please remain involved in the campaign. I hope to meet you again this Sunday.
Now to everyone. More yard signs will be available. And there will be an opportunity to sign a special banner on “Carolyn” the billboard truck. And. I will have a special announcement for a new initiative for the Never Again in Waco campaign.

Second Sunday luncheon/meeting is March 12 in the parish hall of St. Mary’s Church in Waco. This is 1424 Columbus Avenue—the corner of Columbus and 15th Street. An Italian luncheon will be served throughout the noon hour—adults $3. Free for children and first-time attendees. For the meeting from 1-2 p.m., the featured speaker will be Jim Sedlak the CEO of American Life League of Stafford, VA. In support of the ‘NEVER Again in Waco’ campaign to deter the reopening of an abortion facility in Waco, Mr. Sedlak will speak on “Why and How We Must Contend with Planned Parenthood in our Hometowns.” The meeting will also include action planning.

2. Prayer at Planned Parenthood facilities in Waco

The international 40 Days for Life prayer vigil campaign coincides with the season of Lent. Over 300 cities worldwide, have prayer vigils at Planned Parenthood facilities for the end to the abortion holocaust, for individuals babies saved, and conversion of those working in the abortion industry. Our current Never Again in Waco campaign did not give us time to organize a local 40 Days for Life campaign. However, let’s do what we can unofficially. The Planned Parenthood facility at which PP intends to begin abortion is at 1121 Ross Ave. You can get to this location by driving south on S. 11th Street almost to the interstate. Take a right at Ross Avenue. I’m asking you to consider going out and praying periodically on the public sidewalk (totally legal) and possibly commit to a particular day and time each week from now through Holy Week. (e. g. Wednesday, 10 to 10:30 a.m.) I recommend that you go out with two or more people.

An alternate location in urgent need of prayer is 700 West HWY 6. This is the construction site that we firmly believe is secretly being built by and for Planned Parenthood’s use as an abortion facility. Go out to the construction site any time you wish for prayer as the construction goes on during weekdays. If you decide to commit to a particular day and time, please let me know. Of course, I encourage your prayer at any time and location.

3. Rumble in Fort Worth for Barbara Bush Keynoting Planned Parenthood luncheon

As I mentioned last time, Pro-Life Waco had a profound impact collaborating with other prolife organizations at the gala fundraising event. The press coverage was phenomenal and featured our Waco challenge signs. By protest in FW, Dallas, and Austin, we are sending PP the message that their attempt to return baby killing to Waco will mean that you will find pro-life Wacoans at your front door. We will protest in Austin for a PP event on the evening of Thursday, May 11. 

If you are from near Austin, we would love to have some collaboration with our “Never Again” battle with this protest. Please let me know if you can help. Details about the Austin event on May 11 can be found here. You will enjoy (respectfully) rocking Planned Parenthood’s world. Back to Fort Worth. Here is a link to the best newspaper article. Here is a link to the best TV news story. And finally, just a few photos.


4. Over 20 foot soldiers participate in monthly Life Chain outreach

Everything we do these days has the theme of Never Again in Waco. We displayed yard signs and a big banner with this theme to proclaim our concern for the possible return of abortion to Waco. We had an excellent turnout of over 20 people at the outreach. See photos at the end of this message. As always, we had a very warm welcome from travelers at the busy intersection of Waco Drive and Valley Mills Drive. A very successful Life Chain outreach makes me think that were to have a home run for Second Sunday pro-life gathering.

Finally if you want to catch up on current developments and the history in Waco relating to our Never Again in Waco campaign, click on this link.  


Pro-Life Waco is a local community-based organization with collaborative relationships with regional and national pro-life affiliations. Pro-Life Waco is committed to ending abortion, its damaging effects among women, and promoting chastity.  For more information on Pro-Life Waco, please use this link.  

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