Thursday, September 10, 2015

California on Verge of Passing Dangerous Assisted Suicide Bill

Your Help is Urgently Needed! Act NOW!!!!

From Marie Tasy, Executive Director
New Jersey Right to Life

California is on the brink of passing a very dangerous assisted suicide bill. The outcome of this bill in California could very well impact the outcome of the assisted suicide bill pending here in NJ. Please take the following action and pass this on to family and friends in California and urge them to act immediately! Let's do everything we can to help prevent the enactment of this terrible and misguided legislation from becoming law in California!


URGENT: Ask California's Gov. Jerry Brown to VETO Assisted Suicide!

The California assisted suicide bill, ABX2-15,  passed the California Assembly yesterday and is now in the California State Senate, which has put it on the fast track by bypassing all committees and taking the bill directly to the floor.

The California Senate floor vote will be TOMORROW, September 11th, the final day of the legislative session. It is expected to pass the Senate and go to Gov. Jerry Brown who has expressed ambivalence but has not said whether he would sign or veto it.

If California legalizes assisted suicide it will significantly harm efforts to keep it out nationally. We need your help to stop assisted suicide in California and, especially, the help of anyone you know in California who opposes assisted suicide. Here are three ways you can TAKE ACTION today:

1. Send an e-mail directly to California Gov. Jerry Brown by using his online contact form. Click "Need Help" under "Purpose of communication", "Legislation Issues/Concerns" under "PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR SUBJECT" and check the box for wanting a reply to your email. Ask him to VETO ABX2-15, the California assisted suicide bill, and be polite and professional. We recommend you use an abbreviated version of John Kelly's letter, but please put the message in your own words. Let Gov. Brown know that assisted suicide will harm the whole country, not just California, and ask him to VETO AB-X2-15.

2. Call Gov. Brown and the handful of Democrat senators who could switch from yes to no, thus defeating ABX2-15, if they learn about the dangers of this bill. The senators should be called immediately. They are: Jim Beall (916) 651-4015, Marty Block (916) 651-4039, Lani Hancock (916) 651-4009, Connie Leyva (916) 651-4020, Carol Liu (916) 651-4025 and Richard Roth (916) 651-4031. Call Governor Jerry Brown to urge his veto of ABX2-15, should it reach his desk, at 916-445-2841. Use the talking points of our friends at the disability rights group Second Thoughts-Massachusetts (scroll down to TALKING POINTS –ASSISTED SUICIDE IS BAD MEDICINE). 
3. Forward this to every like-minded person you know, ESPECIALLY CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS, and ask them to do likewise.

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