Monday, September 21, 2015

Five Reasons Why I'm Proud of our Planned Parenthood Protests

by Father Frank Pavone
Fox News Opinion

The simultaneous protests at Planned Parenthood facilities throughout the nation -- protests which occurred in over 330 cities at the end of last month -- will continue in the months ahead. As one of the leaders helping to organize these protests, I can speak to the spirit and purpose of these events. That spirit and purpose is just as important to know as the existence of the event itself. Let me make five simple points.

First, yes, these are protests. In our day, many Christians shy away from the word 'protest,' but there is no reason to do so. To affirm good means to reject evil. To stand up for what is right means to protest what is wrong.

When people realize the atrocities going on in Planned Parenthood, such as the harvesting of body parts, and when they have the courage to view what an aborted baby actually looks like, a voice of protest arises from inside of them: "No, this is wrong; this must stop!"

At that point, every human being is at a crossroads: we either act on that voice of protest or we silence it.
These protests embody the voices of women who have in fact had abortions and have learned through bitter experience that abortion doesn't solve any problems.
To have organized, public protests is one way to choose the former option; to choose the latter and ignore the problem is to begin to deaden one's conscience.

Father Frank Pavone is National Director of Priests for Life and Missionaries of the Gospel of Life. He is president of the National Pro-life Religious Council and Pastoral Director for Rachel's Vineyard, the world's largest ministry of healing after abortion. He travels throughout the country, to an average of four states every week, preaching and teaching against abortion.

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