Saturday, September 19, 2015

Unprecedented Event on Sept. 22: Dawn to Dusk #PPSellsBabyParts Overpass Outreach

From John Pisciotta, Director
Pro-Life Waco

What? First ever “Dawn to Dusk” pedestrian overpass outreach in the nation. 3-foot high banners will be displayed over I-35 as well as service roads. (Aborted baby images will not be used. See attached flyer.) We will engage over 100,000 travelers from Texas, the U.S.A, and the world. To promote overpass participation from beyond Waco, the event has been promoted through the Waco Tribune-Herald; with radio ads on 1230AM, KTEM, KBBW, and KBDE; and through social media. Gifts for participants include pro-life yard signs, wrist bands, booklets, and jewelry.

Where? Interstate 35 pedestrian overpass near Baylor. Adjacent to where South 8thStreet dead ends at I-35. Overpass also has access on the Baylor side of I-35


When? Dawn to dusk (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.).Tuesday, September 22.

Why? This unprecedented overpass outreach is Pro-Life Waco’s response to what is known on social media as #PPSellsBabyParts. A series of undercover videos have been released by the “Center for Medical Progress” beginning on July 14. The videos show Planned Parenthood top-level physicians and executives discussing (often in a cavalier manner) PP’s involvement in the market for tissue and organs of aborted babies. Video #10, released on September 14, shows that Planned Parenthood leadership was well aware that the “women’s health organization” could face a public relations nightmare if the news ever got out that they were involved in the fetal organ market. The videos shocked the moral sense of many Americans and raised serious questions about the possibility of Planned Parenthood criminality.

Organizer of the outreach, John Pisciotta—Director of Pro-Life Waco,states:
Pro-life Americans have been outraged by the Center for Medical Progress videos and are mobilized to challenge Planned Parenthood’s desecration of babies lost to abortion. Moreover, we are deeply offended by the reality that Planned Parenthood could be caught in such acts and still receive millions of tax dollars. In Washington, we have initiatives to defund Planned Parenthood. In the State of Texas investigations of Planned Parenthood are underway. Pro-Life Waco sees this overpass outreach its opportunity do its part in opposing Planned Parenthood’s heartless actions. Pro-life Waco was well known for its initiatives within the Waco community. We have delivered weekly demonstrations at Bank of America (Valley Mills Drive) in September to challenge their financial contributions to Planned Parenthood. The overpass on Interstate-35 gives Pro-Life Waco the opportunity to extend our pro-life message to a nationwide audience. This message will encourage pro-lifers and challenge those who are supporters of abortions. “Honk now” signs will give supporters an opportunity to participate in the event. We are finding a surge in interest in the pro-life movement. This overpass outreach will provide an entry way for more pro-life “foot soldiers.” We anticipate some pro-life travelers will turn to come back and join us on the overpass.

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