Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Now Accepting Applications for WSFT Spokeswomen!‏

from Helen Alvare
Women Speak for Themselves

Last year WSFT hosted our first Spokeswoman training, and it was a HUGE success. To get a flavor of the “who” and the “why” of our training, take a look at our cool new video below!

The weekend empowered these women to speak more courageously and confidently about issues affecting women and our religious freedom. With assistance from WSFT staff, they have been able to speak, write, and organize more effectively for local rallies and news sources.

Does this sound like something you have been wanting to do? You’re in luck! WSFT is taking applications for our second year!

I’m looking for 20 women,
- distributed across the nation
- of various faith backgrounds
- of any political party or none
- of different ages and backgrounds (described more below)
Who are willing to spend time with me and a few other experienced speakers and writers for about 2 days this Winter, to take up the work of being trained to be more media-effective WOMEN WHO SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. We’re gathering funders now to pay for this training, so you won’t have to.

The following topics are the type of content we are looking for this year, if you fall into any of these categories please fill out our application by clicking on the button below.

  • Non-profit executives or employees who object to the government reaching into their non-profit and telling them to cover conscience-violating services.
  • Employees of religious employers - who can speak to their employers’ good treatment of women.
  • Employees of religious employers, who can speak to the good their employer does in society or what their community would look like without the religious provider.
  • Women who used birth control or potential abortifacients like the IUD or morning-after drugs, and became seriously ill.
  • Women medical professionals, who have treated women who have suffered medically from birth control or potential abortifacients like the IUD or morning-after drugs.
  • Women with no moral objection to contraception, but who rejected it because it affected their relationships badly.
  • Women who reject artificial birth control—who can speak to how this has improved their marriage, or other areas of life.
  • Woman who can speak to why she did not participate in the “birth control and non-marital sex will make you free” lifestyle.
  • Women who have no moral difficulty with use of contraception but don’t see why religious entities should have to provide it. They like the leaven religious entities bring to society.
  • Women who are just sick of the government focus on birth control and abortion to the exclusion of other important issues affecting women, e.g. the ability to afford to have and educate children, preserving marriage, maternity leave policies, and others you care about.
  • Women who see religious voices and movements and services as a beautiful contribution to the common good/human rights.
  • Woman economists or sociologists who can speak on interaction of birth control and data on women’s well being.

I can’t promise we can train everyone who might be interested. But there’s no doubt we need at least a few dozen women, willing to work on this steadily over the next year to convey the truth of the matter that THE CURRENT SO-CALLED REPRESENTATIVES OF WOMEN DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL OF US.

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