Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#ProtestBOA (Bank of America) expands to Austin. And beyond?

Campaign to encourage Bank of America to stop funding Planned Parenthood expands to Austin. Check out new Pro-Life Waco website page

From John Pisciotta, Director
Pro-Life Waco

Bank of America outreach escalates to the capital of Texas and under the banner of ‪#‎ProtestBOA. 
Please use #ProtestBOA on Facebook, Twitter and whatever to post about pressuring Bank of America to stop funding Planned Parenthood. To avoid explaining so much here, I have created a new page on the Pro-Life Waco website which you can access using this link

The crucial Austin outreach of #ProtestBOA starts Tuesday, the 29th and through the end of October!

 Thanks to Lynn Williams and Elizabeth Jimenez for leading this from down Austin way. This will be at the downtown BOA branch at 515 Congress Avenue from 11 to 1 p.m. on Tuesday the 29th. Huge pedestrian and auto traffic by BOA’s 20 story building. We (desperately) need 10-15 foot soldiers. Please do not leave this to the "other guy or lady." Do you live within an hour of Austin? Can you be there for at least part of the timenext Tuesday? I believe we have a good shot at compelling a policy change from BOA to stop making donations to PP. Child-friendly signs provided. The legality of our presence on the sidewalk was affirmed last Wednesday. We are not only putting the pressure on Bank of America, we are educating folks in the capitol of Texas on ‪#‎PPSellsBabyParts‬. 

This is a very gratifying outreach. Much positive response—and some negative. You can look back one day soon and recall that you and your family stepped out with #ProtestBOA to proclaim to BOA and the Austin community that #PPSellsBabyParts. We will have one-page flyers to pass out to pedestrians. #ProtestBOA continues in Waco also on Tuesday the 29th from 11 to 1 pm. at 1100 Valley Mills Drive.

We live in uncharted times requiring dyanamic, outside the box, discipleship. #ProtestBOA continues through October. Are in coalition of the willing? I end with some photos of #ProtestPP. Remember to check out the web page.

Note: This is something we can all do no matter where we live as Bank of America is located throughout the USA.   Use this link  to find the phone number and more information.  

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