Sunday, September 6, 2015

Exciting News! Guiding Star Ministries is now an Affiliate of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia

from the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia

Over the last several weeks, the Boards of Directors for the Pro-Life Union and our long-time partner, Guiding Star Ministries, have been working to finalize a formal transition of the Guiding Star organization to the Pro-Life Union.

Guiding Star provides housing for expectant mothers and their children, as an alternative to abortion. This program is unique in the Philadelphia region in that it welcomes both pregnant women and their children.  We are proud of our decades-long partnership and grateful for this opportunity to create an even stronger continuum of care for women and families in our city.

The Pro-Life Union regularly encounters abortion-vulnerable women through our sidewalk counseling, prayer vigils, and Pregnancy Hotline. With this change, we are already working to expand Guiding Star in several key ways:
  • Increase the number of women and children served with safe housing annually
  • Create a Family Center where Guiding Star clients in the community can receive baby supplies, gently used clothing, furniture, etc
  • Expand social services for residents and clients including counseling
  • Expand programming for residents and clients including parenting workshops, job training, and mentor support.

How You Can Help

1. Volunteer
We are currently seeking individuals and families to assist as mentors for the women, children, and families we serve.  These volunteers will walk with each mother and her children, offering support and guidance throughout their journey.
We also need volunteers to help with the building and preparing the rooms for incoming families. We have scheduled a volunteer day for Saturday September 12 from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  Other volunteer days are also being scheduled so if you can share a few hours, or have a group who can assist, please call our office at 215-885-8150.
 2. Donate
Gifts to this effort will make a significant impact nd ensure this building and program will be available for women, children, and families for years to come. Donations can be made through a one-time gift, a pledge made payable over 3 years, or other arrangements as desired. Gifts of specific denominations can be honored with naming a section or room in the home.
3. Pray
Our work is rooted in a deep trust that God provides in the ways He sees fit at the proper time.  We are grateful for your prayers for the women, children, and families we serve, for our donors and volunteers, and for this project. We invite you to join with us in the prayer we use for this effort:
Lord God, You promised to send angels ahead of us to guard us along our way and bring us to the place You have prepared.  Please send Your angels to guide our efforts in preparing the places You have chosen to house the families we serve.  May Your angels move in the hearts and minds of all who will partner with us in making Your plan become a reality. May all that we say and do be pleasing to You in a way that will allow us to praise You and the angels forever in the glory of heaven.  We pray through Christ our Lord, Amen.  Holy Angels of God, pray fur us.   
Join the Pro-Life Union as we expand our efforts. We make a promise for life to everyone we encounter and we need you to help us as we keep those promises.

To get involved, please call our office at 215-885-8150 or email us at:

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