Saturday, November 5, 2016

David Limbaugh: Donald Trump is the Only Candidate Who Can Stop Hillary’s Abortion Agenda

"She would pursue the abortion-on-demand agenda with abandon."

By Steven Ertelt
Life News

Rush Limbaugh’s brother David Limbaugh is out today with an opinion column the saying that Christian voters need to support Donald Trump. Limbaugh says he thinks Christians should back Trump because he is the only candidate who can defeat Hillary Clinton and her abortion agenda.

Here is what David Limbaugh has to say today:
On the abortion issue alone, I believe that Christians should vote for Donald Trump as the only possible candidate to defeat the march of the death culture Hillary Clinton would lead if she were to be elected.
Pro-abortion feminists are growing ever more militant in their make-believe world that sees men and women as bitter rivals, if not outright enemies. They seem to view everything through a gender prism; people have to support Clinton not because she has a better agenda but because she’s a woman.
Don’t get me wrong; they also think she has a better agenda, but they are constantly thinking and speaking in terms of gender identification and loyalty. And all too often, they demonize men in the process — whom they perceive as a threat to women’s rights.
This adversarial culture the left fosters is not limited to gender. It includes race, economic “status” and every other imaginable category that can aid in their politics of division, on which their political power depends. WikiLeaks’ revelations have confirmed that such polarization is integral to the modern Democratic Party’s grand strategy for eventual one-party dominance.
Life News article and David Limbaugh's remarks continue 

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