Monday, November 21, 2016

Pennsylvania State Senate Fails to Run H.B. 1948 as Promised

Below is a letter one of S.E. Pennsyvania's pro-life warriors, Ted Meehan, wrote in reference to the failure of the State Senate to run H.B. 1948. This  bill would ban most late term abortions.

Obviously, there is a great deal of anger and frustration over the latest failure by the Senate to vote on a pro-life bill, as promised repeatedly. This one was particularly maddening because so many assurances had been given - and later postponed. And in the end, reneged on.

The earliest assurance was that H.B. 1948 would run in the Senate as soon as it passed the House. That was June 20th. Senator Greenleaf moved it through his committee by July 6th. It could have been voted upon then. But the Senate adjourned for the summer recess - promising to vote on it as soon as they returned in September. As you know, that didn't happen. It drifted into October, until the decision was made to wait until after the election. But assurances were given over and over by a number of people that the Senate would absolutely vote on HB 1948 before the end of the session. It drifted until the last planned Legislative day when two members were absent and a third flipped. Then it was pulled, and everyone went home.

As a practical matter, you and I expect that Governor Wolf will veto this bill. Therefore some might see the vote as unimportant or symbolic. Not the case. If a "pro-life" member casts the deciding pro-abortion vote to defeat this bill, his constituents need to know this. He needs to feel the heat. He needs a primary, and possibly a 3rd party opponent in the general. We need a voting record - not simply questionnaires to be sent in as evidence of a legislator's position.

I will also remind you that Senator Corman had pledged to move the Priorities Language for the 2016 Fiscal Code, and Michele Brooks sponsored that amendment. He asked her to hold the amendment until final passage, when he assured her that it would definitely be included in the 2017 Fiscal Code. It wasn't. Was there ever any intention of running it? It doesn't look like it.

Since Corman has been Leader, there has been a total absence of any pro-Life legislation even considered. We get polite treatment, and encouraging assurances. But we then get NOTHING.

In my own area, for the past three months, we had volunteers manning phone banks, going door to door, and lit dropping 60,000 pieces of literature - twice - at every church in Delaware County. I know similar efforts were made for pro-life candidates in Bucks, Chester, and Montco. We also sent people to work phone banks for Rep Martina White in Philly, Pat Toomey, and Donald Trump. And, Pro-Life groups around Pittsburgh did their part as well. Leadership loves us when we help elect Republican pro-lifers. But what value is there in huge pro-life majorities when they never get a chance to vote for Life? How long do we continue to make these futile efforts for no return? Pro-life majorities get elected to DO SOMETHING!

I am requesting that after Thanksgiving, Leadership calls the legislators back to fulfill their responsibility to those who have supported them, and who have been promised action in this session which doesn't end until November 30.

Please call or e-mail President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati requesting him to recall the Senate for a vote on HB 1948.   Tell him to "Please call the Senate back to Hartisburg to Ban Dismemberment Abortions as you had promised."                        570-724-5231

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