Friday, November 11, 2016

Our Modern Day Holocaust


When the concentration camps were liberated at the end of World War II, our Allied Forces brought the German citizens from neighboring villages to witness the atrocities that were committed at Buchenwald and other death camps. They wanted them to see for themselves just what was happening while they lived their lives as if everything was fine. (Use this link to see one of many articles written about this).

In our present day, we have many death camps; most run by Planned Parenthood. The victims, though not able to be seen, suffer the same brutal atrocities as did the victims of Hitler and his concentration camps.

Just before the elections, one of our most highly respected and beloved priests decided to show the world the atrocities committed in our nation each and every day, by videotaping  the remains of an aborted baby which he had placed on the altar.  

Some of our fellow Catholics and other Christians have been very critical of his actions, and he is now under investigation by his Bishop.  

In a world where we have over 3500 unborn babies killed each day through abortion and their body parts sold (Hitler would be proud), I would like to take a moment to commend Father Frank Pavone for his courageous actions.  

Too many Christians sit in the pews week after week and never give a thought to the atrocities taking place in their own backyards. Just like the German citizens during World War II, they close their eyes and just 'sing a little louder' to drown out the cries of their fellow citizens too small and helpless to defend themselves. We have begged for their help, their prayers, and their witness at these modern day camps; but to no avail.  

God bless Father Pavone, and God have mercy on our country and our world for what we have allowed and what we have failed to do! 

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