Thursday, November 10, 2016

Four Siblings Launch Pro-life Clothing Label

by Tamara El-Rahi

It’s nice to see siblings getting along – especially when they’re all grown up and fighting for a cause. That’s the story with Cunningham kids Ian, Aidan, Alyssa and Sophia, the foursome who have started their own clothing line. Called LifeCulture Apparel, the line’s goal is to spread the pro-life message in a way that looks good and starts conversations.

All aged from 24 to 16, the boys live in Virginia and the girls are located in Maryland. However their different roles don’t require them to necessarily be in the same place: Ian operates the supply chain side, Aidan is on website optimisation, Alyssa is in charge of designing and hand drawing all the artwork, and Sophia looks after social media.

Besides the fact that they are siblings, there are a few things I like about this label. For one, they make the pro-life message look cool amongst a demographic where it’s often considered old-fashioned. The artwork is trendy and eye-catching, but not so confronting that young people won’t wear it. The messages also focus on the positive, with phrases such as “Choose Life” and “Life Culture.”

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