Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Iraqi Christian Woman Impregnated By ISIS Fighter Refuses to Abort Baby She Named After Her Slain Husband

A refugee woman who fled the violence in the Iraqi town of Sinjar 
sits with a child inside a tent at Nowruz refugee camp in 
Qamishli, northeastern Syria.  Reuters

By Hazel Torres
Christian Today

"He's my son; he's not the son of ISIS."

Thus declared Umm Al'aa, a 40-year-old Iraqi Christian woman who gave birth to a baby boy after being raped by an ISIS fighter in Gogjali, Iraq.

Speaking to CNN, Umm Al'aa (not her real name to protect her family) said when her son grows up, she will never tell him who his real father was.

She named her son Mohammed, after her husband, an Iraqi soldier who was killed on Nov. 1 during the battles on Mosul's eastern outskirts, where Iraqi and coalition forces are battling Islamic State (ISIS) fighters.

Umm Al'aa said Mohammed's real father was an ISIS militant who raped her while she was being held captive by the terrorist group.

Despite this, she said she will never allow herself to undergo abortion since she considers her still unborn child already a part of her family as much as her other sons and daughters.

She told CNN that she was already a mother and grandmother when ISIS seized her hometown in 2014. She said the terrorists targeted her family when they refused to pledge allegiance to the jihadist group, like what their neighbours did.

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