Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Abortionists are “Grade B Doctors” says OBGYN. Other Doctors Agree.

'Abortionists are the rejects of medicine, those 
who can’t make a living any other way.'

Third Trimester Abortionists
LeRoy Carhart, Warren Hern, Susan Robinson, and Shelley Sella
By Sarah Terzo
Live Action News

Jack Hitt interviewed a number of abortionists for his article, “Who Will Do Abortions Here?” One common theme running through the article and Hitt’s interviews is the stigma the medical community has against those who commit abortions. Often, this stigma arises from the knowledge that most abortionists are not good doctors.
In Hitt’s article, one abortionist says, “A lot of doctors don’t want partners who perform the service.”(1)
Hitt explains that the explainable reluctance of doctors to work with those who do abortions is one reason why 90% of all abortions take place in freestanding abortion facilities and not in doctor’s offices or hospitals. 
Hitt says: This phenomenon has played a concrete role in moving abortion off the main street of prestigious American medicine for the half hidden back alley from where it once emerged.(2)
 There is a high complication rate among abortionists, and many abortionists have malpractice suits and tarnished records. One need only look at to see how often abortionists have botched procedures or worked in filthy conditions.

One OB/GYN who is pro-choice but does not perform abortions himself says:

It’s seen as the dirty work of our field. The sad truth is that the people who moonlight at the clinics are grade-B doctors. They’re not the cream of the crop. And it’s not because they’re committed. It’s because they can’t find steady work.(3)
Abortionists are the rejects of medicine, those who can’t make a living any other way.

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