Monday, January 18, 2016

Martin Luther King Service Day at the Warminster, Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood

About 20 people braved the strong winds and frigid temperatures this morning to pray and witness outside of the Warminster, Pennsylvania Planned Parenthood.   And how did Planned Parenthood honor Dr. King?  They opened their doors for abortion today. One of our counselors estimated there were about 17 women who went through their doors this morning.

Below are some pictures taken of this site today, which includes a picture of the truck which picks up the remains of the aborted babies once a week.

This is a picture of the truck from Stericyle,  a waste disposal company, which shows up on Monday mornings to pick up the remains of the babies killed by abortion the previous week.


Above is a picture of our prayer warriors and sidewalk counselors giving witness and ready to provide help to those women entering this facility.

Above are pictures of two police vehicles present this morning. Ever since the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood shooting by a deranged person, who had no affiliation with any pro-life group, there has been a strong police presence outside of this facility to protect PP from the ‘dangerous’ pro-life prayer warriors and counselors who are ever-present outside of this facility on killing days.

Prayer is the most important weapon we have to combat the evils in our society; and prayer vigils outside of abortion facilities combine this powerful weapon with our witness to the crimes against humanity taking place in our communities every day.

Our witness outside of these killing centers can bring many blessings. As a former side-walk counselor, I’ve witnessed small miracles when women left these death chambers and decided to keep their babies. And it was the presence of our prayer warriors that gave me the courage to approach these mothers determined to end their babies lives.

Just by being outside and praying for these mothers, as well as for those who work in the business of abortion, we can have a tremendous effect. We may never know just how many women were turned away seeing people peacefully praying outside these facilities.

If you live near an abortion facility, please take the time to pray and give witness there. Your presence can mean the difference between life and death for our pre-born brothers and sisters.


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  1. Received this message from one of our sidewalk counselors, Mary this morning in reference to the number of babies aborted: 'We had 24 as our count of abortion clients by 11:00. How incredibly sad.'