Thursday, May 7, 2015

Action Alert! - Pro-Life Updates from Waco, Texas

from John Pisciotta,
Director of Pro-Life Waco

First Annual “We Remember Gosnell” pedestrian overpass outreach in Waco, Saturday May 9

We are approaching the two year “anniversary” of the “Dr.” Kermit Gosnell murder convictions. The Gosnell abortuary in Philadelphia was one of the most despicable, filthy, and brutal abortion facilities in the country. The Waco outreach happens on May 9--this Saturday from 5-7 p.m.

Would you help us reach two dozen pro-lifers participating? Other overpass initiatives will take place in San Antonio, Lombard IL, and Albuquerque during the coming week. A pedestrian overpass outreach is such a strong way to send pro-life messages to thousands traveling to and through your community. Could you find a street or highway pedestrian overpass in your community and demonstrate in solidarity. Please let me know if you do.

Demonstration in Austin May 19 challenging PP’s Cocktails for a Cause

The event on Tuesday May 19 is Planned Parenthood Austin’s 6th annual Cocktails for Cause. The location is the Belmont entertainment facility at 305 W 6th Street in downtown Austin. Pro-Life Waco will again link with friends in the Austin area for a demonstration to challenge the state’s and the nation’s leading killer of babies in the womb. Our demonstration will be from 5-7 PM as dozens, maybe hundreds, of Austin area abortion enthusiasts enter the celebration at a ticket price of $65. This is PP’s statement about the event, “Cocktails for a Cause connects younger donors and supporters with Planned Parenthoods mission to provide reproductive and sexual healthcare and education for Texans who need it, no matter what.” Well we intend to be there too—no matter what. PP say former Senator Wendy Davis will be attending!! You are invited to join this public display of opposition to all Planned Parenthood is and represents. We will have signs available for you. There’s ample sidewalk space available (legal public right of way). We will have a small group driving down from Waco and hope to meet up with a much larger group coming in from all directions from the Austin area. I did not have the opportunity to demonstrate agains Senator Davis during her failed campaign for governor. Nothing can keep me away from Austin on May 19. Look form my shamrock green Scion XB “box car.” Contact me if you have or 254-644-0407. It would be a shame to the pro-life side if the pro-abortion crowd were able to laugh, celebrate, and fund PP without a challenge from defenders of life in the womb.

Finally, on April 29, “the Girl Scout problem” was the topic on American Family Radio’s Point of View program hosted by Penna Dexter. Ann Saladin of St. Louis and I were interviewed in a 1-hour segment about our diverse experiences with Girl Scouts. I think the program has a lot of good content for parents and pastors to consider. Check it out here:

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