Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pro-Life Group Challenges Planned Parenthood at their "Cocktails for a Cause" in Austin, Texas

John Pisciotta, Director
Pro-Life Waco

Pro-life challenge to Planned Parenthood’s “Cocktails for a Cause” took place in Austin on May 19. After six years of celebration of the causes of abortion and promiscuity, this event was “greeted” by a small and enthusiastic group of pro-lifers committed to action in the public arena. 

Four came down with signs from Waco. John Ecker drove with passengers John, Vincent, and Gary. Lynn Williams of Round Rock led the Austin-area contingent that included Carol, Lynn’s grandson, and six-year-old great-grandson. How is that for a Tuesday evening family outing?

Our outreach happened on busy 6th Street on the sidewalks in front of “The Belmont” where the Planned Parenthood faithful gathered for the 6-8 PM fundraiser. We were there from 5-7 PM to greet those who entered past a variety of signs.

Planned Parenthood claimed 400 would attend. I would not dispute this number. Planned Parenthood allies streamed in, with many using valet parking at $10 a car.

The Planned Parenthood backers were not at all pleased to walk through and past pro-lifers with signs to get to their festive celebration of fornication. The environment remained calm. A few words were exchanged. However, the “choice side” was not interested in discussion.

A handful of rented security guards were on site. They called the police, hoping to get us removed. It did not take long for the police to put Planned Parenthood security in their place with the reality that we were acting lawfully in a public right of way.

I learned that failed candidate for Texas governor, Wendy Davis, attended and spoke encouraging words about their pernicious cause. 

Wendy apparently slipped in through a back door and did not avail herself of the opportunity to see our signs designed just for her. In addition to face-to-face engagement with those who paid $65 each to attend, our outreach was witnessed by those walking on both sides of 6th Street and those in heavy auto traffic.

After our time in front of “The Belmont” our contingent drove out to Cracker Barrel in Round Rock for a time of dining, fellowship, and laughter. The Waco gang departed at 3:00 PM and did not return until 11 PM. The pro-life cause will bring us back to “Cocktails for a Cause” in 2016.

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