Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Adoption is a Loving Option

Jenny Galiani and Maria Malone are passionate and energetic speakers spreading the beauty and power of adoption. Their presentation, "Adoption is a Loving Option" is designed to empower youth and young adults with knowledge that they can carry with them through high school, college and through their 20s; the years they are statistically more likely to consider abortion or know someone that is considering abortion.

Their presentation outlines what domestic adoption is and how it works, both from the birth parents’ perspective and from their hands on experience as adoptive parents. They talk about their relationships and interaction with their children’s birth families and how adoption has brought hope and healing from even the worst of circumstances. They share not only their own personal stories but also draw from the stories of many adoptive families they have journeyed with through the adoption support group at their church. That group has met monthly for over 10 years.

This presentation can be customized to fit in a class period, an assembly, a meeting or any format that fits your organization.

Speaking to others about adoption is not only something Jenny and Maria are both passionate about, but it allows them an opportunity to give back to the community at the same time. There isn’t a day that goes by that they don’t look into their children’s eyes and thank God for the way they came to be their sons and daughters. They are most grateful for their children’s birth mothers, how they chose life and the way God can always take what could be viewed as a “bad” or “difficult” situation and turn it into something good.

Their children’s stories give a voice to unborn children. Jenny and Maria have seen and witnessed these stories change hearts on the topic of abortion. That has the power to change our culture! These results drive Jenny and Maria to do the work they do. Contact Jenny and Maria today to learn more about how their message can benefit the students and individuals in your school or organization!

For more information about this Adoption is a Loving Option, please use this link.  They can also be found on facebook, using this link. 

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