Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Urgent Action Alert: 30 Seconds to Prevent a Repeat of Kermit Gosnell

From Ted Meehan
Philly Alive  

Please take 30 seconds to ask your state senator to oppose the nomination of Pedro Cortes as Pennsylvania's Secretary of State. You can also help even more by letting others know about taking action. Please direct them to the action page using the action button below

When you've submitted your message, please share this on all your social media sites as well as with your e-mail lists. (Thanks to Pennsylvania Family Institute for providing the link below.)

Time is very short. The full Pennsylvania Senate will soon be voting on the confirmation of Pedro Cortes, to return as Secretary of the Department of State. This could happen as early as next week. In his earlier tenure, no inspections of abortion centers were made - for eight years. Worse, no complaints against abortion providers received any action - not even those arising from maternal deaths. It was in this atmosphere that Gosnell was able to commit his atrocities. Unbelievably, Governor Tom Wolf (a Planned Parenthood escort) has re-nominated him to serve in the same position!

The State Government Committee moved this nomination to the full Senate with "no recommendation" - by a unanimous vote. It is extremely uncommon for any candidate to receive a "no recommendation" - even moreso by a unanimous vote. Not even members of his own party voted for a favorable recommendation! So our efforts - to this point - have been effective. Yet, Wolf and company are lobbying heavily to get him confirmed. You can prevent his confirmation, by clicking on the link above, signing the petition, and spreading the word.

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