Monday, May 18, 2015

Why You Should Vote NO to Redefining Marriage in Ireland

The government has failed to tell you about the consequences of redefining marriage. Enda Kenny says that the Referendum is a "simple" question to do with providing equality for two people of the same sex who love each other. Changing the Constitution, however, is never "simple".

Politician's don't want you to know that this Referendum:
  • Redefines Marriage
  • Redefines the Family
  • Removes a child's right to a mother and father
  • Prevents any preference for a married man and woman in adoption or fostering
  • Permits IVF and Surrogacy enabling Same Sex Couples to produce children who may never know one or both of their biological parents.
  • Introduce same-sex text books into the School Curriculum

If you care about any of these issues you should consider the consequences of your vote on May 22nd.

For more information or to sign up to keep informed, use this link.  

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