Friday, May 1, 2015

Pro-Life Updates from Pro-Life Waco for May, 2015

from John Pisciotta, Director
Pro-Life Waco

1. Girl Scouts topic on AFR’s Point of View

Last Wednesday April 29, Ann Saladin and​ I were interviewed during the first hour of the Point of View program on American Family Radio. The topic was the Girl Scout drift to the secular left. Penna Dexter did a great job with the interview. Ann was on for the first half hour and I was on for the second half hour. You can listen to the interview online. I believe this is one of the best audio programs for informing pastors, parents, and grandparents about the realities of the Girl Scouts in 2015. Ann Saladin is one of the creators of the web site You can also find much on Girl Scouts on

Click on this URL to watch the 50 minute show.

2. Overpass demonstration will be added to Waco Life Chain Sunday May 3

We will have Life Chain this Sunday from 2 to 3 p.m. However, we will add something new and big. While most participants can just go to the regular site at the intersection of Valley Mills Drive and Waco Drive, a few of us will be down on Valley Mills near I-35 at the pedestrian overpass that used by students attending the old University High School. Our I-35 pedestrian overpass demonstrations have been very successful this past three months. Now we want to try the pass way over Valley Mills Drive. The setting is very positive for us. In each direction, there is a stoplight before the pedestrian overpass. Travelers will not be able to avoid our billboard-size messages. Choose one or the other part of Life Chain this Sunday. If you want to be a part of the overpass demonstration, you may park nearby in the new HEB parking lot (near the gas pumps).

3. National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week is now through May 4

I know you proudly wear your pro-life t-shirt(s). This is the week to wear it even more than usual to let your neighbors know you are dedicated to innocent babies and their families. American Life League sponsors this annual event. Show your pro-life colors and check out the National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week website.

4. New billboard: Abortion is not healthcare

Pro-Life Waco will have six billboards around Waco throughout 2015. PLW is now displaying its second billboard message of the year. I believe this is a message is needed to continue to trumpet to our neighbors who are pro-life and those who are not yet pro-life.

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