Sunday, May 31, 2015

Housing Sought for Pregnant, University Student in SE Pennsylvania

Mother's Home is seeking housing for a University student who will be entering her Sophomore year in September 2015. She will also be delivering her baby girl mid-September. Because she has no relatives and a rejection from a former foster mom, she spent holidays alone at her school in the dorm last year.

This 20 year old has survived great abuse and a war when living in her home country in Africa. Despite only two years education before coming to the USA and and being educated in a high school here tat is not considered positive, she is on scholarship at prestigious Catholic University in Delaware County and doing well. Her goal is to relinquish her daughter for adoption and continue going to school to become a doctor.

She is gentle, kind, and sweet, with great respect for others. She will be spending most time over the next few years at school, but we are looking for a family to house her when she is not in school until she graduates, which would require part of the summer and holidays. She has the long term goal of getting her own apartment.

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As a residential shelter, Mothers’ Home provides a safe haven for vulnerable pregnant women in crisis who choose life as a sacred gift. We encourage our mothers to celebrate the joy of new life and help them to prepare for their future and the future of their child.

We focus on physical, emotional and developmental needs including positive life skills, parenting and job preparation. We strive to assist our mothers to reach their goal of independence and self-sufficiency. 
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