Monday, October 12, 2015

Complications from Abortion "Exciting" to Nurses‏

Martin Fox, President
National Pro-Life Alliance

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that abortionists whose primary business is the slaughter of human life before birth would also be calloused to human life after birth.
But in fact, in addition to 61 million unborn babies slaughtered, literally hundreds of women have died due to complications from abortion as well.
Recently in San Diego, a woman died from abortion complications in an ambulance on the way from the abortion clinic to the emergency room.

This same abortion mill has been responsible for the abortion related deaths of at least 16 women.

A head nurse at another clinic reportedly said of complications:
“In some ways it is very boring, these abortions -- the same thing day after day. In fact the nurses are excited about complications because it’s something different.”
No matter how “routine” the abortion may seem to the nurses, the fact is abortion always ends one human life and sometimes two.

Abortion isn’t safe for the mother or the child, and at nearly 4,000 abortions every day in America, it certainly isn’t rare.

Unfortunately, it’s still legal.

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