Monday, October 5, 2015

DEFEND LIFE – The Intl. Pro-Life Group Is Calling Out the Billionaires!

By Darena Gribouva October 3, 2015
News Bangers

With the US Presidential debate on CNN as a backdrop, when candidate Carly Fiorina challenged President Obama and former Secretary of State and Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to watching the video tapes that captures the barbarism of an abortion and body-part dismantling, a little-known international pro-life organization known as DEFEND-LIFE  is emerging as David vs Goliath as they they take a position against Planned Parenthood and the barbarism they undertake in the USA while calling out the billionaires who back them.

DEFEND-LIFE has released the names of the billionaires who have donated either directly or through their foundations as well as the staggering sums of money they donate to Planned Parenthood who otherwise earns in excess of $100M per year performing abortions on American women.

The largest contribution has come from Warren Buffet’s ‘Susan Thompson Buffet Foundation’ wherein Buffet donated more than $230M between 2010-2013. Buffet’s donations in 2013 represented 25% of all the donations made to Planned Parenthood that year.

Additionally, it was disclosed that Tracy Weitz, the Director of Domestic Programs, served as the manager of a San Francisco based Planned Parenthood for six years.

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